Logan Staats – Blockader Profile

Logan Staats – Blockader Profile

Logan Staats is one of four Mohawk (Haudenosaunee) activists seeking attention outside of Six Nations Indian Reserve. They self proclaim they are here as representatives of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) however there is no record of them ever being asked to come to the Bulkley Valley by either the Mohawk Nation or by the larger body of Six Nations of Grand River. None of these four ever served thier communities in any capacity at the Six Nations Indian Reserve.

He is one of four people from Ontario that are role playing as “Land Defenders” for Franklin Lopez with his company subMedia, and subMedia is funded by the Canadian wing of the American Tides Foundation and in coordination with its media wing National Observer. The Canadian Tides Foundation has now been renamed MakeWay Foundation to hide its connection with the American Head Office.

This entire stint had more to do with promoting a not so successful musical career and putting a spotlight on themselves. Continued support came as a direct result of Cory Jocko and Josey Alec becoming a couple. Most people in the Bulkley Valley never knew Josey Alec as she grew up in Ontario with another one of Alec’s x-wives. Frank Alec is the man that has the stolen title of Chief Woos that in reality really belongs to Darlene Glaim. The other two is the now notorious Skyler Williams with allegations of serious and disturbing sexual assault hanging over his head, and the sister of Logan Staats who has ambitions of being an indigenous reporter without bothering with the educational part of the process.

They seem to have dual personalities, one is the mighty warrior, the other is peaceful protester that is the victim of police brutality. This one is the mighty warrior as seen in the eyes of his sister..



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