Amazing how terrorists can make an attack appear like they are the victims.

Amazing how terrorists make an attack appear like they are a whipped Bambi



It’s all about playing the legal system and the media to the limit. The last few days have been astounding when you hear or read what the radical media is posting. As a resident we know what is going on in our own backyard. We might not have the required evidence, but we sure as hell know when the press is trying to turn a terrorist act into a Bambi beating. Had the RCMP not arrived on time it’s entirely conceivable that they would have set fire to the truck and burned an innocent worker alive inside of it.

Now we see the press telling the world poor innocent blockaders were beaten and subjected to violations of their human rights, what a crock of misleading garbage.

We were among the first to learn how, if not for the RCMP, that a number of terrorists not only stole a chainsaw, it’s almost immaterial compared to destroying millions of dollars of equipment. It’s amazing how quickly you see the press, I won’t name names to avoid a technical lawsuit, but local people see your actions as working with the terrorists and against the public. There is media out there that is going out of their way to support terrorism, but always using clever wording and pretending they are covered by the freedom of the press.

No you are not fooling anyone living up north here, you are working with and for the terrorists. There is a solution to this problem, we have asked for it many times before. Build a RCMP station right at the start of the road, and only those people who have a previously approved permit will be allowed to travel further up the road. Any hooligans caught inside that area will be charged with criminal trespass.

One last note about the press, as a taxpayer I am sick of funding news media that supports criminals, via the Local Journalism Initiative, where tax payers foot the wages of these criminals who hop on board with terrorists.

It’s no coincidence that the only person named among the arrested was Jocey Alec who was recently begging for money was the only aboriginal arrested. Somehow there must have been enough donations to make another trip here, even though she lives in Ontario, her mother is a former wife of Frank Alec a previously convicted wife beater.

Then we see social media is also being used to support terrorism.

Imagine the following, or no need to imagine, the following is a self promo from Brandi Morin, showing who she has written for.

Brandi begging for funds, what happened to all her media sponsors?

Brandi recently was begging for funds to be able to travel from Alberta to cover this local story. No we are not just saying it, the above screenshot is the evidence. well she managed to get to the camp, a day late, after the fact, and her showcase is a Mr Forest? Well the face was far to familiar so we did a quick search and his face matched perfectly with that of a member of the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, his name is Travis Pete, and he himself confirms it as shown below. Watch closely how they fabricate facts, he could not get cuffs on him, but everyone arrested was done so in zip ties, oops. And now they call it a petty crime when it looks like there was an intention to burn a man alive in a truck.

Brandi Morin knows his real name, but instead of saying she will not reveal it, she lies by planting a fake name. But when you are not a real journalist, facts do not matter. Click to Enlarge

Now why would an honest decent law abiding citizen have to wear camo gear around the police? This is Travis Pete showing he fits the description of the terrorists who have been attacking the CGL employees and pipeline equipment.

The screenshot was too long so we made a second to show you something else. There he is in all his glory

There are so many other incidents we could write about, Like Matt Simmons who is up at the camp now too, he is another person who is a reporter for Narwhal, he lives in Smithers and is 100% taxpayer funded under the the Local Journalism Initiative. He is a reporter but he ONLY writes about CGL and the blockaders, even though the number one issue in Smithers is the homeless camp, and he has never written about them even having lived here for over a year. So clearly he is a one subject reporter, or a promotional agent for the terrorists.

Then you have this story, it blows me away no mention that this guy recently made the list of convicted criminals, and has yet to live up to the terms of the sentence he received, his name is John Ridsdale and he wear the aboriginal name like a clowns suit of armour. A matter of opinion, terrorists or Land Defenders?



Below, John Ridsdale telling flat out lies, knowingly and intentionally, at no time have the RCMP ever burned down cabins, even if the cabins were were there illegally, yes the smashed in doors where criminals were blockading themselves, just as police do whenever criminals refuse to surrender.


Click to enlarge














Mel Wilhelm at the blockaders encampment at 44K on the Morice River Road

Next we have a video that was filmed by one of the blockaders, her name is Mel Wilhelm, a Caucasian woman from Toronto, ON, Canada. Once again proving that its not indigenous people on the front lines, its shit disturbers mostly from out of province. We have included her photo below as well as the video she took. Mel Wilhelm, also known as Melo Momentz is up here, note that she did not comply with the order to leave the area, in order to make this video. Note that instead of complying with the order she gets right in the middle of the arrest, that is interference with an arrest.


A larger question is why are non aboriginal shit disturbers from Ontario billing themselves as indigenous land defenders?




Then as an April Fools joke, comes Brandi Morin and her claims “the recent RCMP raid that “came out of nowhere” & said “CGL lies, the RCMP lies,” so the land defenders were concerned as to if the warrant was valid…” seriously terrorists appear to have intended to burn a man alive, but this incident came out of nowhere? Its time to lock these criminals up, at very least make it illegal for them to be on the Morice River Road.

We are not sure, as we cannot get inside his head if Fred Tom is lying as a result of ignorance, or if he is knowingly lying, or it has to do with an issue of alcohol, what we do know is that we were informed of the attack on a CGL worker long before the raid took place, in fact it was shortly after the attack occurred on Sunday. So these people all seem bent on lying about their involvement, and cover-up of what could have resulted in a murder investigation. Thank God the RCMP arrived when they did or we would be having quite a different conversation today.

Its time the RCMP removed these terrorist camp(s) and its time the Wet’suwet’en people took back control of their voice, so that criminals no longer get to decide what the nation is saying.

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