1. Thank you to my fellow wetsuweten for standing up to these thugs who are full of rage, dishonest, misrepresenting, malignant and dangerous and who could set wetsuweten back for decades. By this letter you bring honour and backbone to the game. Hats off and peace to you all.

    • You are going to hear more from the Wet’suwet’en people in the coming days. When you hear other opinions, note they often come from people who interpret the information they get, then give you their own digested version of it. Our primary rule for these people is to suggest “consider the source” and consider their agenda. Imagine this, it was Molly who said 32 people were arrested, of that number 20 of them are now homeless, due to them being non indigenous. Imagine this in a nation with close over 5000 members, all you can muster up is a dozen or so people. Clearly they have no support from the Wet’suwet’en Nation regardless of other peoples politics.

      • Perhaps engage with APTN News, if you have not done so already…
        It looks pretty bad when you claim 5000 members side with the pipeline, but then 12 members are the only voices heard on APTN News. What is going on?

        • Its never a good idea to spend ones time chasing people with an agenda, if they want the truth, they will seek it out on their own. As we said earlier, a story is only as good as its source, and they are not sourcing locals here in the Bulkley Valley.

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