Anarchists and Warriors – A confession by Molly Wickham

Anarchists and Warriors – A confession by Molly Wickham

Sometimes when people get caught up in themselves, they dare say things they might normally wish to hide from the public.

I do not want to be accused of putting words in peoples mouths, especially when they so eloquently hang themselves, so without further adieu watch this next footage and listen to what Molly Wickham herself admits to. Credits for this video go to Stewart Muir of Resource Works. People better understand this, these individuals are dangerous, they do not care about the aboriginal people or about anyone else either. The environment does not matter either, its just a pawn in the objectives of these people. These people do not want to negotiate with anyone, they want to start a civil war where everyone is part of the chaos they created.

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  1. How ignorant. And that is the same thing we say about Fairy Creek. They are out there for nobody but themselves. They have a pinned post asking how come the RCMP aren’t helping them? I’m not really sure what they need help with but the way they treat everybody why on Earth would be our RCMP help them?

    I’m sorry you guys have to deal with these terrorists.

  2. That is truly frightening. They are just spoiling for a fight. That’s all they want. If this really was about the people, they would be making deals for more jobs for the people and community specific resources. But no…they just want money for themselves and chaos to feel powerful. It’s very sad and very dangerous.

  3. Seriously? Hope they make a lot more video like “anarchist uprising”. Do they seriously think that this kind of trash will earn them support?

  4. I apologize for my last post. It was disrespectful of me to say I wanted them to make more videos like that because it would put them in a bad light. The kind of behaviour exhibited in the video is incredibly disrespectful and not at all like native people who I worked with in a resource extraction industry. My native coworkers were the best and always respectful and I don’t want anyone to get the idea that this is somehow typical Indian behaviour.

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