‘The Judge Sided with Peace’ Seriously?

What are we missing here? I will quote some of what was published by the well know NDP Rag called the Tyee.

Standing outside the courthouse following the decision, Dennis expressed gratitude and relief.

“I’m thankful to our ancestors and our spirit protectors for the strength to continue on, to create a safe space for all, and that the judge, Justice Tammen, sided with peace,” she said.

During closing arguments on Monday, defence lawyer Frances Mahon described Dennis as a “peaceful and principled Dakelh woman” who was attempting to act as peacekeeper and negotiator when she was taken into custody with more than a dozen others who were arrested the same day under a B.C. Supreme Court-issued injunction that prevents anyone from blocking access to roads or work sites used for the construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Mahon said Dennis felt “great risk” as officers with RCMP’s Community-Industry Response Group — a specialized policing unit now under investigation by Canada’s police watchdog — and Emergency Response Team advanced onto the Lamprey Creek bridge, where heavy machinery had been used to block the road. She moved onto the bridge in the hopes of bringing about a peaceful resolution based on her past experiences with police in the area, Mahon said.

“Ms. Dennis did not see risk that she would breach the injunction or bring disrespect upon the authority of the courts. The risk she saw that day was the virtual army of police coming towards her family and friends on the yintah,” Mahon said, using the Wet’suwet’en word for the nation’s traditional territory.

Sided with peace eh?

OK lets see what the judge had to say about this, also extracted from the Tyee article.

But what distinguishes criminal contempt from civil contempt, he said, is “public defiance of the court’s process” in a way that’s meant to diminish respect for the courts. Criminal contempt requires proof that a person intentionally defied a court order in a way that would depreciate the authority of the court.

He said that Crown prosecutors had successfully proven the first three elements. But he said the “crux of the matter” hinged on Dennis’s credibility.

“I watched Ms. Dennis intently for almost two days of testimony and paid extremely careful attention to her evidence and the manner in which she delivered it,” Tammen said, adding that Dennis had impressed him as a witness.


I was not in the courtroom so I did not see what was presented and or what was not, so alternatively I will present to you 2 videos, keep in mind it was their people who posted these online so its from their camp.

You watch, you decide if Sabina Dennis is so soft spoken and or if she was there trying to keep the peace. The first video is during the time when Adamn Gagnon and Kolin Sutherland-Wilson were arrested for theft and or vandalism of CGL equipment. The second video shows a much louder version of Sabina not quite as soft spoken. (Wearing the long fur coat.) Keep in mind that this footage was theirs and used to obtain GoFundMe (millions)


Sabina Dennis is in the long fur coat, the not so quiet version of Sabina. The screeching woman the sounds like its from an insane asylum, is none other than…..

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  1. Without a doubt a stunning verdict that leaves more questions than answers. The first being did the judge just hand out the golden key to everyone who wants to ignore Supreme Court Injunctions?

    The second is a question I also cannot answer, should the entire prosecution team be fired or is this a problem that goes higher up the political ladder to the Attorney General’s office?

    I have 100% confidence with the RCMP so was it a case of the law needs to be re-written because it obviously is not working.

    Last but not least is once again the taxpayers got double billed, they pay the losses incurred by industry, and pay for the wasted efforts and cost of the RCMP.

    This is not justice, this is exactly a case of making a mockery of the law and the Supreme Court.

    Heads need to roll over this verdict, because if the public cannot get justice, it then invites vigilante extremists to do what the courts won’t do.

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