Duping the RCMP and Press with Fake Hereditary Chiefs

In attempt to dupe police Rob Alfred, Cody Merriman and Molly Wickham approach the RCMP roadblock.

Considering that the RCMP have announced via their webpage it seems that the new tactic of coming dressed like a Hollywood actors borrowing legitimate blankets from real chiefs is a way to fool both the press and the RCMP.

Persons permitted would generally include:

  • All Hereditary and Elected Chiefs;
  • Elected and other Government Officials;
  • Journalists with accreditation from recognised media outlets;
  • Persons providing food, medicine or other supplies or services required for the well-being and safety of persons behind the blockades;
  • Other persons as approved by the RCMP Operations Commander or delegate.
  • For purposes of safety, all persons entering must indicate their specific destination, estimated time of return and indicate their understanding of the hazards present. Vehicles and persons entering will be logged to ensure awareness of who has entered and safely exited. All other vehicles will be turned away.

In the video we have Rob Alfred a local Wet’suwet’en a supporter of John Ridsdale but not a chief, pretending to be a hereditary chief to the RCMP, aside from Rob there is also Cody Merriman also pretending to be a Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief, and he is actually part settler and part Haida, not a drop of Wet’suwet’en blood. Then you have Molly Wickham tell police “These are my territories” and she is also not Wet’suwet’en nor is she a hereditary chief. Molly Wicham is Gitxsan/Stellat’en and is a career blockader whose history dates back almost two decades of protesting, she was adopted by the radical  Wet’suwet’en chiefs.

Almost unbelievable is when Molly claims that she needs to get to her camp to deliver food when they themselves made the roadblock of fallen trees and had no problems with food and medical supplies, yet less than 12 hours after the RCMP put up a blockade, we suddenly have a crisis.
This is the typical shenanigans the RCMP have to deal with, and still social media demands they be treated not with kids gloves but babies gloves for cultural reasons that amount to nothing when they recklessly break the law. So far cultural reasons have become the smokescreen to hide criminal intent.

The same thing happened as a PR stunt by John Ridsdale, who actually is one of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs when he took to Smithers Main street flanked by two people who were not chiefs at all, the one was Antoinette Gagnon, to make it appear like a promo for female chiefs, and the other was also Rob Alfred, also not a chief.

Duping the press with fake chiefs

So in actual fact this protest march had only one hereditary chief, the ring leader John Ridsdale aka Chief Namoks.

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  1. good on you for pointing this out to all the people who know little about whats going on in the north west today and everyday!

  2. I would like to know when and how it became common place to wear sacred blankets and when did it become acceptable for just anyone to wear them.

    • They are not “sacred” blankets. They are 100% accoutrements of the fur trade made of wool melton cloth, wool felt applique and pearl buttons. Note also that the fake White/Haida fake Chief is wearing a Cowichan sweater under his fake sacred blanket a style that arose when Scottish settlers taught Cowichans how to knit with wool up to and including using features like the Celtic chain and other designs. Cowichans then started to incorporate their own designs by charting them on sacred graph paper and low & behold, the “Indian” sweater was born. Same can be said of “sacred” bannock (Gaelic for bread) adopted from fur traders, glass beaded moccasins etc. These items are not “indigenous” but represent a true Canadian culture.

      And why does the illegal protest camp need to be re-supplied? Shouldn’t true Wet’suwet’en be capable of living off the land like their ancestors did?

    • Yeah, I’d like to know that to! This BS of letting other people impersonate Indigenous chiefs to our law enforcement & media, really infuriates me! WTH kind of crap is this anyway? I’m indigenous also, and from an unceded First Nation in Ontario and this is just…appalling! I’m thoroughly sickened by this!

  3. thank you for real reporting, it’s long overdue to shut all this radical nonsense out. We are all equal as our constitution firmly states, they’ve had their say. Start by stop funding all their court challenges.

  4. This is when facial recognition technology is essential. I’d rather the people who have nothing to hide be recognized for their honestly, and un-genuine people be called out. The RCMP and our society now require everyone possible way of discerning who has legitimate heritage relating to issues where public safety and our country’s economic pursuits are being held hostage.

    • Facial Recognition? Are you joking? Every one of these eco-terrorist ( and they fit the Canadian legal definitionj who has thier face cover to hide their identy during the commitment of a crime, or the attempt /conspiracy to commit a crime IS BREAKING THE LAW and can be legal arested and charged…RIGHT NOW TRUDEAU!

      The paid blockaiding eco-terrorists currently hi-jacking and distroying (burned switchgear) Toronto Public and Procate Areas and the rail lines -on behalf of these self appointed Heritage Chiefs – MUST BE removed and charged..YET TRUDEU pampers them and instructs police to alow all laws to be broken, while you and I are getting the full wieght of the law in an end of month “ traffic blitz”.

      A Constitutional challange for anyone charged with a ticket that was precipitated out of the rail line blockaids should file their ticket under a Charter defence!

      We are SICK AND TIRED of the lack of equity in the enforcement of the law.
      Please advise of any Lawyers interested in starting a class action suit against the demonsators, the police, the Truedu governemnt etc.

  5. Has Trudeau been advised (in secret?) to prolong the current state of affairs until the blockades have done real, expensive, tangible and palpable damage, then move forward on the individuals named as Hereditary Chiefs in the courts?
    I for one see the natives of all Canada receiving “a whole lot of hurt”.

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