Black Press Media – Terrace Standard – Promotional Agents for Pipeline Anarchists.

Black Press Media – Terrace Standard – Promotional Agents for Pipeline Anarchists.

Smeared all over the province today and in coming days is yet another story by Black Press Media written by Morgan Powell.

I will keep this rant short, but want to point out that Morgan Powell perpetuates an outright lie, to assist in face saving for three Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline opponents including the blockade leader Molly Wickham.

Morgan Powell wrote the following, that appears more like a pitch of support for criminals than behaving as a reporter that has not taken sides, clearly Morgan has taken sides in this article.


“Another clip showed RCMP officers informing the people inside they were under arrest for “civil contempt of court.” Police read a script, stating the occupants of the cabin were on a drill site and breaching an injunction that allows Coastal GasLink to construct a pipeline.

The police then entered the structure by way of a chainsaw, arresting multiple people as dogs barked in the background.

“You’re choking me, you’re damaging my regalia,” cried one individual, as people were being pulled out of the structure.

Two people arrested in the video footage were Amber Bracken and Michael Toledano, who identified themselves as members of the media.

While outside the scope of the current trial, this footage contradicts the RCMP’s contention at the time that the two did not identify themselves as journalists.”


I want to refer everyone to an article we posted back in January 2022 in regards to this exact same storyThe Media Didn’t Tell The Whole Story on the RCMP First Nation Raid in BC” The recording Tom Korski, the managing editor of Blacklock’s Reporter, is the same incident that Morgan Powell is referring to in his article. He obviously did not do his homework, or he writes with an agenda.

This was done in a podcast that we have included here, we did not edit the original podcast but published it in whole for educational purposes and media purposes, we do understand it is copyright of Alex Pierson, so get permission before you republish it.

The audio below explains exactly why we found to be “Black Press Media – Terrace Standard – Promotional Agents for Pipeline Anarchists”  

“What was not shown, and not reported by the reporters at the scene was the fact that police stood outside for an hour and more, reading the court injunction explaining their role, at no point did the journalist identify themselves as such, until they are in custody and the arrest is underway.”

  It starts about 29 seconds in.


Morgan Powell editor for Black Press Media goes on about The Narwhal as if its not a environmental extremist website formerly known as DeSmog Canada but changed thier name due to unscrupulous reporting. Without massive American funding, DeSmogBlog was launched with $300,000 from John Lefebvre, the past-president of online transaction company NETeller. John Lefebvre: Lefebvre is a lawyer, internet entrepreneur and past-president of online transaction company NETeller. He gave $300,000 to help start DeSmogBlog, as well as donations to the David Suzuki Foundation and Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.

An email written by Richard Littlemore to Penn State University associate professor Michael Mann turned up in the 2009 Climatic Research Unit email controversy known as “Climategate” which seemed to indicate alleged improper manipulation of temperature data. Littlemore admitted to Mann that DeSmog is “all about PR here, not much about science.”

So the Narwhal is part of a flock of radical environmentalists, and now it seems they have the support of Black Press Media.

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  1. Why was she wearing her regalia in the first place. It’s not to be worn cor crap like this. Plus there is a great chance of it being damaged during the arrests because they always resist.She knew the cops were coming to arrest them. That’s why they baracaded themselves in the ramshackle shack they built. Also, prior to the arrests on that day inbeded media had stashed some of their equipment in there since the plan was to go and lock themselves in there.

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