Finally a Documentary that Locals know is the Truth – PIPELINE WARS

Finally a Documentary that Locals know is the Truth – PIPELINE WARS

For those of you who wish to skip what I have to say, you can simply scroll down to the actual documentary. Finally we have a documentary that goes a long ways into explaining why criminals operated with complete impunity in our local community, and continue to do so.

The following is our own observation and not that of the documentary.

The few were ever convicted, one would wonder if the elected officials were not fully complicit with the criminal blockaders, a few were given the prverbial wrap on the knuckles, a verbal “you can’t do that” warning, and given some community service hours. Would anyone dare use these people other than for cleaning up garbage on the sides of the highway, or the mess they left behind at the camps? At very least one could say the NDP were the delivery boys for donuts for the obstructionists.

Local organizations are involved at various levels with the anti pipeline wars, inclusive of writing the book Shared Histories and Yintah – a documentary film about the Wet’suwet’en Nation The first link Shared Histories is one of those soften the people books to believe locals are guilty of massive abuse against our Wet’suwet’en brothers and sisters in our community. The timing was intentional, to be able to make the claim these radical criminals are victims, instead of locking them up people  are duped into worshipping them, and sending them millions of GoFundMe.  Nothing could be further from the truth, racism is always there, even to date, but only a small stupid fraction of people do that, the vast majority of Smithers residents always were and always will be decent and kind to all people living here, and to all nationalities. To expand on that its these radical protesters and our elected socialist officials that are so often involved in creating racism to exploit it.  The second link is a film that was initiated by Franklin Lopez a well known radical anarchist, in collaboration with the CBC.  I want to remind people about the fact few of these pipeline protesters were even aboriginal, even the one that are there today are mostly professional (white) anarchists or paid protesters. A lot of the funding comes from filtered down sources like Tides Foundation, even to organizations based in Smithers.

Before we go on here is an example of a case that got the poor pity you penalty, a wrap on the knuckles and a be a good boy now reward for his actions. The following video is from a man who lives in Ontario, participates in riots there as well his name is Corey Jocko. We have two clips the second is a bit long, its their own footage. Showing Cory laying down the law on RCMP doing their job. The first is an excerpt of the second, where it shows they burned the Supreme Court Injunction Notice. Also note Molly advocating for a relationship with criminal anarchists in Canada.

If you want to see a contrast look at RCMP vs Truckers and compare it to this. Its clear they were ordered to just make a visual appearance and do nothing about this. Recall quote

“Barber and Lich are both charged with mischief and intimidation, and also face multiple charges that involve counselling others to break the law.” “The Crown is trying to establish the two had “control and influence” over the crowds and encouraged others to join the protests while also fundraising.”

followed by…

“I really do believe our security as a country is built on our economic security,” Freeland said. “And if our economic security is threatened, all of our security is threatened. And I think that’s true for us as a country. And it’s true for individuals.”

Yet here we are with millions in damages,  3.5 BILLION DOLLARS in additional costs largely caused by these criminals, and it appears that the Liberal/NDP endorsed the actions of these criminals to fit in with their anti industry agenda. Now watch these two video after or before watching the documentary, yes I know its over an hour, but its nice to see at least one journalist is standing up for the residents of Smithers and the real Wet’suwet’en Nation. The truckers did no damage at all, people were arrested for holding a Canadian flag in their hands or on their transportation. The POLAR differences between these two situations is an extreme cause for concern. What politician is guilty of severe and gross interference with judicial law, clearly the police were not the problem, it was the orders they were getting that were and remain the problem.

On behalf of the people of the Bulkley Valley I wish to thank all those who came forward to speak in this documentary, it took guts and courage, and in particular I want to thank Lauren Southern and TENET Media for coming here to set the record straight.



“Now ask yourself again, were truckers more dangerous to Canada than these people?”


So it begs the question, after watching the next video, were the RCMP there to insure there was no evidence, were they there cleaning up the evidence? You have a dead end road, the only way out is that road, and everyone of those involved in this multi million dollar attack walks out without police catching even one of them? Seriously everyone in town knows who did this, but no proof? Why?  Yet it is when it comes to Barber and Lich, its not funny how the law works,  we have a law that works for us and against us,  depending on what political leadership wants. The law is a joke, almost everyone in Smithers and Witset knows who organized the burning of police cars and ambulances, but its not evidence, ya right!


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