Gitumden Clan (Wolf/Bear) Molly you do not speak for our clan.

Both of these women are Gitxsan and not Wet’suwet’en

Above: Both of these women are Gitxsan and not Wet’suwet’en

Much can be learned from the following video, in particular the difference in how one is addressed by a lady with class, a true matriarch, and a woman and her husband (part Haida and like Molly mostly settler blood) riding the coattails of an indigenous nation. Editors note: I apologize for the need to talk about non aboriginals as settlers, but its exactly what these hooligans do for a living, they accuse the very people whose pockets they are trying to pilfer via GoFundMe, when settler blood run rich in their own veins.

You can witness the venom of a woman with anger management issues.

Meanwhile word is that the RCMP arrested one individual who allegedly used heavy equipment to charge at a police officer.

Also present at the new blockade site is John Ridsdale, trying once again to become relevant.


Update 6:44 PM

So do the police have to give them timeouts for washroom breaks, is this how it works?

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