Chiefs in Crisis – Local Update

Chiefs in Crisis – Local Update

This morning it feels a lot more like I am writing for some sleazy tabloid than keeping locals updated on what is happening on the home front.

Social media has been fast and furious over the past 24 hours with reports coming in from the likes of Adam Gagnon and Warner Naziel (the guy who stole the Smogelgen HC Title) Then let us not forget that guy called Michael Toledano, the one who pretends to be a reporter and runs behind the hooligans like a lap dog putting the protesters spin on everything. Well lets give them a hand at getting their message out.

Yes the “Gang of Five” or the ” 5 male chiefs” have a problem, its not CGL but then again if they can draw enough attention to CGL maybe, just maybe their own problems will not appear to be so big.  Or maybe they think we all need to forgive their tiny misdemeanours, and respect them for their titles and not their behaviour. Let me see 2 of the gang of five have serious criminal issues hounding them in the background, while the third one does not seem to know that sleeping with an in-law is not something a wife appreciates, or so goes the rumour mill. So if he is out here its because he is already sleeping in the proverbial doghouse.

Remember guys, there are no secrets that women in Witset do not know about.

“Early in the morning on September 25th a supporter was tazered and arrested on the road to the drill pad site where CGL plans to drill under Wedzin Kwa” according to “Gidimt’en Checkpoint” on social media.


Guests meaning they cannot find locals so these are imported hooligans from outside of our region.

So just exactly what kind of protection will you get from a man who has a criminal history against women?

Was that Cody Merriman, the white guy with some aboriginal blood from Haida Gwaii running that CGL bulldozer ripping up the road into the CGL work camp? They are using it to try get non local non aboriginal people to coming rushing to their aid in an intentional attempt to breach the Supreme Court Injunction. In fact the cation in it read that this is now what they call “Asserting their rights” a last ditch attempt to block the CGL pipeline, or to extort more money out of government.

One social media writer said “Frank Alec jr talked to Maureen and said they are giving back the $7.2 mill the province gave to them.” Wow, was the an insufficient gift from BC Taxpayers? They were gifted 7.2 million of the taxpayers money.

Now who was that on top of the backhoe? We know there is no local aboriginal support for this band of hooligans and the tribal chiefs (sorry WWE) so they are suggesting what? Forget COVID we need Americans and you folks who have no clue from Ontario to come flood the front lines to save the hoodlums from getting arrested? And another question, at what point can we call the GoFundMe accounts proceeds of crime?

We are still waiting to hear from the RCMP just exactly who they arrested yesterday morning. Oh before I go back to my coffee there is one more point I wish to get off my mind.

At what point do crimes, criminal actions that actually solicit criminal charges, that are not going to be dropped or disguised as “de-escalation“? What we really need is a massive outcry that the word “de-escalation” as an excuse to let criminals off the hook for crimes they commit against us, yes us, we are society, and they are committing crimes where our money is being used to police to protect public interests, millions of tax payer dollars spent, then tell us that they were let go doe to insufficient grounds for arrest.

Why are criminal charges only reserved for aboriginals living on the reserve? Is the defining difference between who the complainant is? If the complainant is aboriginal, then the charges stick, but if the complainant is CGL or one of its contractors its now written off as de-escalation?

This kind of political bullshit needs to end, its a direct attack on RCMP doing their job upholding the law, then the crown interferes with the cases for political reasons.

“Crown Counsel are prosecutors who work for the BC Prosecution Service under the Ministry of Attorney General.” and that ministry is run by the NDP Goverment of British Columbia, who also paid Nathan Cullen “was awarded a sole-sourced $41,000 federal contract to mediate an Indigenous pipeline dispute. The Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations in a briefing note said the contract’s value was not finalized, and was in addition to fees paid by the British Columbia cabinet in 2020.” and did diddly squat in resolving the dispute, but took the money anyways, just as Murray Rankin also NDP did.

Below watch the same John Ridsdale who is facing criminal charges in days to come, grandstanding again. The video is part of their propaganda campaign. The primary  twp agitators in this video is John Ridsdale and Warner Naziel the fake Smogelgem. (sitting beside John)

3:30 PM Update.

Seriously? They won’t give him a washroom break? Ironic how they pretend they do not know who is under the bus. Is that not the bus owned by Cody Merriman, the husband of Molly. Does this not constitute a breach of the Supreme Court Injunction? Have it hauled out and put in the crushing machine.


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  1. As well what about all the other user groups of the area. Some like myself who have been living and operating in the area, their entire life. My family has been operating and running a business in that area since 1948, and have never seen no aboriginal activity in the area until the pipe line came about. And now we are being terrorized by these protesters. They have vandalized our property, stolen from us etc etc. There’s no help for us, no support for us. We have to stand idoly by and clean up their mess week after week. It’s injustice at its finest

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