Gidimt’en Checkpoint – Nobody is Listening

Gidimt’en Checkpoint – Nobody is Listening

In this latest episode Molly Wickham may have bit off more than she can chew, everything that Molly did was based on the belief that she could recreate the Fairy Creek blockades in our own back yard. You can hear them openly admit in their videos, the actions they are taking “intentionally breaking the law” are based on what they call tried and true methods of obstructing both the RCMP and industry.

Well there are a number of problems, the most obvious one is attention, nobody seems to be listening, nobody really cares this time, even media seems to be getting bored with being used as pawns to generate money for Molly’s GoFundMe. It also does not help that the climate is not like the summer climate on Vancouver Island, its cold wet and miserable up in those mountains. Then not having any local support from Witest (Moricetown) Hagwilget  or Burns Lake does not help much either. When your own people turn their backs on you, its much harder to get national support.

Even the other Hereditary Chiefs are not wanting to get dragged down and out by standing behind John Ridsdale (Chief Na’Mox) other than Jeff Brown, who also has his own issues to deal with.

Then the obvious, there is no way on earth you will stop CGL from completion when the pipeline is already going in the ground, the pipes are all here, they have the required permits, they have First Nations support, so a few dozen (if there are that many) protesters are not going to put a dent in that project. The project will get completed, and yes there will be a few howls and screams, but in the end there will be NO HARM DONE, if the salmon are missing, explain why it happened before the pipe went into the ground. Even some of her own friends have been telling her, its over, give it up.

Never forget that in order to provide water to the Hooligans Hotel (and healing center) they put a backhoe into the Morice River during spawning season, so continues the theme of do as I say not do as I do. Also they oppose LNG pipeline but have a massive propane tank for their anti pipeline camp. Not one energy efficient car or truck at their camp, all gas guzzling pickup trucks while they tell us to park our cars to save the environment.

Yes the public is slow at catching on to the protesters game, but in the long run, they too can only take so much lies and fabrication by Molly’s spin on reality and history. Not once did she ever offer conclusive proof of her claims, and her own archaeologist is her husband Cody, who never graduated or even took the university course, but had at one point showed interest in taking the course.

Yes if you really look hard there are a few news outlets mentioning that there are protesters creating minor delays for CGL, but to date there is zero significant media coverage or people flocking to come to her aid.

Then you have the headlines starting to ripple across Canada in regards to John Ridsdale who in spite of the criminal charges and possible looming jail time, still treats the RCMP as if he has not lost every ounce of credibility he ever had right alongside the man who stole the Smogelgem name, even though the real Smogelgem a Wet’suwet’en matriarch is very much alive and well and lives on with both class and dignity.

Watch the video below (protesters propaganda video) and watch how John talks to the RCMP as if he has a monopoly on get out of jail free cards, as if he already knows he won’t have to serve jail time for his convictions. Do you see even a hint of remorse regarding his current criminal convictions?

Copied from the Interior News “Maximum penalties for the various charges (first offence) are: possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, 10 years; killing or injuring an animal, five years; careless use of a firearm, two years; and trespassing at night, two years.”

Then CGL Security returns to set the record straight

Listen to (the guy who stole the Smogelgen HC Title) (below) shooting off his mouth, while pretending to be a Hereditary Chief, note the RCMP are there standing as witness. Then you see Michael Toledano, (the guy with a green jacket on) following the CGL security, next the video jumps to another location where Molly gets read her rights for violation of the Supreme Court Injunction.

Then below, has anyone ever looked up what “polyamorous” means? ” So is he is using the stolen Smogelgem title to find more sexual relationships? Did he need to add that to his identity or is this a blatant advertisement?

  1. characterized by or involved in the practice of engaging in multiple romantic (and typically sexual) relationships, with the consent of all the people involved.
    “intimacy and trust are essential to successful polyamorous relationships” · “Alfred was bisexual and polyamorous”

Was this polyamorous relationship in effect when you were living with Freda Huson, did she approve of this as well? It makes me wonder just what goes on inside those camps? How many others are part of this “polyamorous relationships” out there on the protest front? How many of the other Hereditary chiefs are also having polyamorous relationships, and do or do they not approve of the one you advertise on Twitter?

CGL Attempts to Intimidate Part 2 from Smogelgem Dini Ze’ on Vimeo.

UPDATE: 09-30-2021

Still trying to spin the truth, he refuses to admit the world moved on, they no longer care.

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