Hypocrisy without Limits – John Ridsdale

Hypocrisy without Limits – John Ridsdale
Now translate that into simple English, it means a) we have to get off fossil fuels (b We must switch from democracy to communism, and in John’s case a communist dictatorship, where he is top dog in the Gang of Five that control the Office of Wet’suwet’en. John offers no solutions as to how to accomplish this, just blame the colonials.


Quote “Planetary and human health will not prevail while greed for oil profit is in the negotiating room” from an article that was so obviously not written by  John Ridsdale (Chief Na’Moks) has all the earmarks of some environmentalist speech writer all over it. Like this quote “But the COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health, endorsed by over 120 governments, contains a glaring omission — there is no mention of a fossil fuel phase out, or the impact of fossil fuels on health.” Seriously? How John is being used as a puppet by radical environmentalists from out of province, in this case out of country (England) and is very likely funded by Tides and funnelled through groups in this case a British Radical Environmental Organization. There is no way that this article was written by John Ridsdale, he is the puppet assigned to reading it. That organization by the way as no leads back to who its run by, it seems to be thier trade secret, a one person operated organization funded by Tides.



This was posted by Amnesty International but then again telling outright lies is fair game right? Amnesty International has become a mouthpiece for anarchists and drug lords.



Hypocrisy without Limits – John Ridsdale
Not sure how they intend to run an entire fleet of trucks, without using fossil fuels. How many gas operated cars and trucks do they now own, over a dozen now can be seen at times at their fossil fuel heated office in Smithers.

They want to tell colonials to get off fossil fuels, however that ends when it comes to themselves, they use fossil fuel as if there is no limits, after all its taxpayers who foot the final bill. (Carbon tax included)

Every time we read or watch TV about so called land defenders, one must acknowledge that none of this could take place without the use of fossil fuels, every event, every blockade, every camp, is 100% dependant on fossil fuels, all the while preaching about how you and me need to stop using it.


How many appearances has John made hopscotching Canada by way of fossil fuel jets? Then in his aboriginal costume tells the world how he is only trying to save them. (But hey we have a GoFundMe)

Few people in all of Canada or even North America have used as much carbon fuelled transportation as does John Ridsdale. Seriously he has been jet setting all over the planet to get what message out? He would not even get out of his home in Hazelton, from the Hagwilget, where his house is completely dependant on wood burning for heat. His only transportation is a gas guzzling auto, that he drives daily to Smithers, to attend meeting at the office, that is heated by PNG more fossil fuels. In fact John Ridsdale would likely never have seen or visited the very land he claims he is/was saving from Coastal Gaslinks Pipeline without using fossil fuels to get there.. Every trip out on the so called YINTAH requires the use of fossil fuels, all their toys, snowmobiles, quads, and supporters all use fossil fuels to attack the very same fossil fuels they claim to oppose.

We urge you to read Fake Wet’suwet’en takeover? The system that is run by Hereditary Chiefs, is anything but hereditary, its a system that members buy hereditary titles and have done so for decades already. Thousands of Wet’suwet’en have been disenfranchised due to that system, and the only saving grace was the elected band office. Read back to the articles we previously posted on individual so called hereditary chiefs, few of them in power today, did so using the traditional system.

The only system the Wet’suwet’en have or had does not allow for hostile takeover of other “house group” hereditary titles, very few if any in the list below are legitimate. Warner Naziel taking ownership of a title from another family another house group is a despicable violation of “Eagle Down is Our Law” Wet’suwet’en Law. This group has more common points with the Italian Mafia than it does with a traditional system. The Sun House belongs to Rita George, Warner is in the wrong lineage to be able to have that title. See  Introducing “Smogelgem” of the Sun House and Warner Naziel is not Chief Smogelgem and Smogelgem Revisited – Who is the legitimate heir? as well as The bastardization of the Smogelgem blanket.

Consider for a moment, if all the Chiefs are equal, how can a few of them control removing others and appointing replacements? This is so very much a flagrant violation of Wet’suwet’en culture, and has become a den of thief’s. This is not culture, this is outright theft.
ReadFake Wet’suwet’en takeover?The screenshot was printed in the Globe and Mail. The truth here is if they follow the matrilineal system, then both Alphonce and Warner are Gitxsan and not Wet’suwet’en


Click to Enlarge (See Warner and Alphonse are in the same house) Warner is a wing chief to Alphonse, its not possible for him to move to the Sun House. The Sun House belongs to the George family)



I have often said I would love to see some sort of evidence that John Ridsdale actually was groomed, I seem to recall better how he was a very constant customer and member of the Smithers Legion weekend bar, and did so long before and after he became a hereditary chief. Reading  his own stories that he told, and were published online, hardly indicate he was ever groomed for the title, so how did he get it? Did he buy it by donating the most to a headstone feast? Before I go on, its become abundantly clear that without knowing who the real Hereditary Chiefs are, meaning the legitimate ones and not the ones claiming today’s titles. The only way the  Wet’suwet’en people, the members of the nation, need the right to vote on their own future, and not leave it in the hands of a corrupted handful of some self appointed chiefs.

A very important read is Wet’suwet’en Law – Becoming a Hereditary Chief Then look at our next screenshot, is that what they mean by conducting oneself with honour? For those researching the legitimacy of John Ridsdale’s title Chief Na’Mox we suggest you read The Tale of Two Tsayu, Beaver Clan Chiefs


For those of you who forgot who John Ridsdale really is.


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