John Ridsdale – Blockader Profile

John Ridsdale – Blockader Profile

First things first, why is John Ridsdale listed as one of the Blockaders.

Blockades is by design, and not a consequence of industry or CGL, blockades is the “Ways and Means” an objective to steal lands from other First Nations and bypassing the system of negotiations.

To fully understand the “how to” of implementing of this plan you need to first understand the background of this plan. A must read is Wet’suwet’en Land Claims Overlap. as it explains the problem that the Office of Wet’suwet’en aka the Wet’suwet’en Five have as the core of their problems.

In 2009 Don Ryan was invited to speak to the Office of Wet’suwet’en where he delivered the following advise on how to proceed with land claims. Feel free to prove me wrong.

He said the following, we will highlight the key points in dark red.

The issues for us on the treaty table are a competing claim. You have people on the treaty table discussing these issues, and Carrier Sekanie is claiming the same thing in Prince George.

The band councils are doing different things. We must sit and talk to them and bring everyone together. There will be tension on these fronts. You have a situation where pipelines and competing claims must be sorted out.

The treaty process is not the right path for us.

This process takes your title away from you. We need to be aggressive as to what we can do on the land. I can quickly take you through the treaty process. They have a formula and figure how much they will offer you in cash. Our neighbors in the Nass signed a treaty, speak to them and they will tell you the same story. $750,000 per person is what they will offer you. When they give you that money, you will not own the land.

They will also offer you land and that will be around Moricetown. They also have a formula, one section of land. They are still trying to get you off the land. I’m interested in discussing the options with you.” Don Ryan 2009

Then later on in 2009 the following.

Quote from the Globe and Mail

The Unist’ot’en camp has been endorsed by five prominent Wet’suwet’en house chiefs, part of a hereditary system of 13 house groups that fall under five clans. The five men (with their Indigenous title, followed by their house group and clan) are: John Ridsdale (Na’Moks) from Rafters on Beaver House under the Tsayu clan; Warner William (Knedebeas) from Dark House under the Gilseyhu clan; Jeff Brown (Madeek) from Where it Lies Blocking the Trail under the Gitdumden clan; Ron Mitchell (Hagwilnegh) from House of Many Eyes under the Laksilyu clan; and Warner Naziel (Smogelgem) from Sun House under the Laksamshu clan.



In mainstream media John Ridsdale may be best known as his role as leader of the Wet’suwet’en Nation, locally however he will likely be best remembered as a regular customer of the Legion looking at the bottom of a drinking glass. His working career is not very well remembered by anyone other than hanging out at the Office of Wet’suwet’en. Oddly no one I have talked to can remember where he has worked other than his own tale about working at Houston Forest Products for a short time when he was young.

Keep in mind these so called “land defenders” are all just pawns of Franklin Lopez The secret operative behind the internal war in the Wet’suwet’en family.

Now he will be remembered as one of the two Hereditary Chiefs with a criminal record and a history of bad mouthing Canada, and taking money in return. It does fit the narrative of intentional confrontation with both the RCMP and CGL.

John Ridsdale (below) taking credit for stripping the names from three female hereditary chiefs in violation of Wet’suwet’en Law that dictates it is the only by the authority of the clan that any blanket (below that of Hereditary Chief, can be stripped.

John Ridsdale (Chief Na’Moks) admitting he was behind the stripping of title.

Read here: Hereditary Chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in B.C. say LNG pipeline doesn’t have unanimous consent

It is only given after the Hereditary chief is dead, and it must be a person from the same house. (Taken from the Delgamuukw trial, screenshot given from testimony regarding this very issue.)


More on the same issue (bottom half of the page) can be found here.

A MUST READ – Did John Ridsdale outwit the judge?

From that story

“A local Indigenous court led by elders had asked the outside courts to handle the matter because they considered it “too politically sensitive,” said defence lawyer Michael Murphey.

Prosecutor Kristina King said the Crown might normally have asked for a jail term because the circumstances were “so serious,” but mitigating factors justified the three-year suspended sentence instead.”

Seriously? “Too politically sensitive,” gets you off the hook for a serious firearms violation?

The outright lie

“The lawyer also noted that his client’s suffered the effects of having one parent who suffered horribly in residential schools and another who was dispatched to a farm at an early age to provide what was likely free labour. Ridsdale himself escaped being sent to one of the schools because his parents had the children hide in the bush when authorities came to collect them, said the lawyer.”

John Ridsdale is 63 years old, compulsory attendance at residential school ended long before John was born, compulsory attendance ended in 1948. John would have had to be older that 73 years of age in order for his story to be true. Yes residential schools did operate here the Lejac Residential School closed in 1976, however contrary to the claims made in order to get him off the hook for his criminal offences his parents would not have had to hide him as per his claims, unless he lied about his age and he is actually over 73 years of age. Seriously John went to the same elementary school I did only many years later.

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