Are the wheels falling off the Eco Stool Bus?

Are the wheels falling off the Eco Stool Bus?

These past two weeks have been full of surprises, it seems that after years of watching the bragging invincible hoodlums who thumbed their noses at the law have discovered crime does not pay, regardless of how you sugar coat the excuses, karma as they say can be a bitch, but they blame it on colonialism. Odd as most of the blood in their veins is immigrant, not aboriginal. Nothing says it better than hearing it from the horses mouth. So below you will find some of the gems we discovered over the last two week. Looks like the anarchist stool; bus is imploding.

Keith Cameron – Fairy Creek

Our first story comes from a Fairy Creek hooligan, who thought he had the right to defy the law, now that the wheels of justice are rolling in his direction, he wants you to bail him out. His name is Keith Cameron, and he wants the public to bail him out, what ever happened to no guts no glory? If you want to watch the video of him pleading for help, it can be found here. You really thought that you could ruin the lives of others, and deny them the right for compensation for what you did? Suck it up buttercup, if you do the crime you should pay the dime and not ask others to pay for your crimes.

Brandi Morin – Trans Mountain Pipeline

The next nugget comes from Brandi Morin, who seems to think that as a reporter you can follow bank robbers into a bank to report the story? Actually she broke the law entering a restricted zone of  the Trans Mountain pipeline, but thinks that as media she is above the law.  She is not even an accredited reporter, and mostly sells her stories to Al Jazeera, from a nation with an atrocious human rights record, especially against women.  She also wants you to feel sorry for her and pay her legal bills as well. You can watch her video here where she begs for your money.

Adam Gagnon – Coastal Gaslink


Next we have an unfinished court case, recall Adam Gagnon? Well the rally never really happened, the court case did, but getting details has not been easy, in fact  there is dead silence on what was said, or when the next day in court will happen. Then there is the question of rumours. Oh yes, rumours that someone paid some teenagers to burn the police cars at Sunshine Inn. Golly Gee I wonder who they are referring to? Somehow it looks like at the end of the day, the anarchists are going to get caught, its just a matter of time before the kids speak out.

Molly Wickham – Coastal Gaslink



Before we post the next one, the most stunning revelation, we want to bring your attention to a few news stories. TC Energy’s Coastal GasLink seeks C$1.2 billion from pipeline contractor over delays, and who do you think is in part responsible for those delays.  Should they sue for compensation.  Then you have the completely defunct Amnesty International run by extremists, drug lords and anarchists writing this story. Canada: Amnesty report tracks years-long campaign of criminalization, unlawful surveillance against Wet’suwet’en land defenders


It seems clear that the same people who funded the problems we had here are now witnessing a total collapse of the Morice hoodlums gang, call it karma, call it divine justice, or simply admit the Wet’suwet’en Nation never supported the anarchists in the first place. Maybe now healing can begin, the Wet’suwet’en Nation doing it without outside interference.


The next rather odd love affair is between people who do not have the guts to show their faces when they show their support for Hamas out at the Morice River. Most of those who support terrorism like to duck behind supporting Palestinians, but we believe its a cover. As we have proven in an earlier article Gidimt’en Checkpoint  is run by Molly Wickham’s sister Jennifer. Are the sorry, are they remorseful? You decide.

Why would anyone who was law abiding feel the need to hide their faces? Is it because they we not aboriginal?

Our first clue came when the internet circulated a picture of Cody Merriman with another woman in Mexico. Posted to public by Cody himself.

It would be fair to suggest that if Cody really wants to come clean he should at very least disclose who was responsible for the attack on Coastal Gaslink equipment, and or if there are any persons trying to stop him from telling the truth regarding what he does know.



Molly is not as poor as she makes out to be, it appears to be sales pitch.

That number is based on 12-12-23 todays date.

The biggest surprise came from the account of Decolonize Solidarity on Twitter. One again they are asking for your money to pay for their crimes, watch their own promo video here. Now is this truth or sales pitch? We are sick, it cost me everything, my whole life, my children, my family, my friends, and my relationship. then she has the brazen gall to blame the immigrants who came to Canada for all her problems. There must be a lot more to this than meets the eye, it was only a few short weeks ago where she opened a brand new feast hall near her pallet city.

Have the chickens come home to roost?

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