Office of the Wet’suwet’en – Heated with LNG

LNG delivered to the Office of Wet’suwet’en

How often have we hear John Ridsdale say once you allow one pipeline in all the rest will follow, so we must stop the first, meaning CGL.

Somehow everyone seems to have missed the obvious hypocrisy, Pacific Northern Gas. The transmission line was constructed in 1968 from a point 50 kilometers north of Prince George at Summit Lake on Enbridge’s Westcoast Energy pipeline system west through to Prince Rupert and Kitimat on the British Columbia coast. Following completion of the gas transmission line, PNG developed gas distribution services in the adjacent communities.

Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) was incorporated under the laws of British Columbia in 1965 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westcoast Transmission Company Limited (now Enbridge Inc.).

Oh the Hypocrisy!

The Office gets a bill once a month and they have no idea they are already dependent on LNG for their heat, and it comes right through their yintah. (land)

LNG delivered to the Office of Wet’suwet’en


LNG delivered to the Office of Wet’suwet’en



But the hypocrisy does not end there, gleaned from social media.


Self explanatory, but not a surprise either.


This one deserves the caption of “Priceless”

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  1. I am heartbroken that I have not been able to collect berries and hunt this area that has been blocked off by what I read here a bunch of renegade people. I used that area for fishing, food gathering and hunting for near 40 years before being rudely rebuffed by Freda Huson’s blockade. Where her healing lodge is situated used to be the trap-line of a white-man named Charlie Skinner whom was a personal friend of mine. I spent a number of nights in the tiny cabin that used to sit on that site. We would go by snowmobile on the trapline with him and enjoy the outdoor area. I did not trap myself. I did harvest a number of grouse there and picked a lot of berries in the summer there.
    I hope this matter is resolved and everyone can start to share the beautiful area again without rude confrontations happening.

  2. Given that the federal courts have weighed on this and found the CGL et al in the right, enforcement of the injunction may need to be backed by federal troops backing the police. A battalion of infantry will make an impression.

  3. The existing pipelines and most other pipelines do not contain “LNG”. The “L” is for Liquified. Natural gas (methane) is almost always, unless cooled to below -160, a gas.

  4. Well, that’s not exactly correct. The gas supplying communities like Price George, Vanderhoof, Telkwa, Smithers, Hazelton, Terrace, Kitimat and Price Rupert is not liquified. Even the Gas that will flow through the Coastal gas link pipeline is not liquified. The Liquifaction process will be done in Kitimat.

    • Yes we are fully aware of that, we used the term because there is no difference in what they are using, and the gas being shipped by pipeline in this new project.
      People seem to relate to LNG when they refer to natural gas, thus the use of the term.

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