Pipeline Completion – Anarchist Radicals Judgment Day – The Whiners Club – Its all over but the tears.


Coastal GasLink achieves 100% pipe installation. While most Canadians (aboriginals included) will celebrate this day, some people, the radicals have music to face for their criminal behaviour.
The wheels of justice, at least for local residents have turned very slowly, but the primary dung flippers are going to court this month. So the grand finale ends with the pipe in the ground and some of the anarchists (about as aboriginal as Buffy Sainte-Marie) sit on piles of gold gleaned from GoFUNDME accounts.

This means that all 670 kilometres of pipe has been welded, coated, lowered into the trench, rigorously tested, and backfilled. From the Wilde Lake Compressor Station near Dawson Creek to the Metering Station in Kitimat, physical construction on the project is now complete.


So what happened to some of the players in the anarchist camps who stationed themselves up at the now famous 44K? Writing this reminds me a lot of the Survivor series on TV, looking back at the actors that made up the show before they went back to being nobodies again.

Remember Janet Williams screaming at the RCMP? She  no longer wants the job of tending to the pallet city, seems she and her BF moved to Houston and are in need of furniture, in case you have any to spare. See their plea for help below. All those millions from GOFUNDME but no money for a simple bed, sad is it not? It looks so much like when you no longer serve these theatrical clowns pretending to be Indians, the next thing they do is turn on those who helped them. Watch the video then look at Janet’s plea for help on  a local buy and sell on Facebook.




But when you are top dog, you have to keep pushing the party line, after all the pay-me-cash fund-me accounts are still collecting cash.

Molly has a problem, nobody really wants to spend another winter up at 44K – The pipe is a done deal, nothing to grandstand on but sub zero cold and lots of snow. Will there be anyone willing to sit out there all winter, while Molly and Cody move into town to enjoy all the comforts of city living?  Local Gidimt’en want nothing to do with Molly or her camp, she is surrounded only by outsiders, mostly white agitators and radical anarchists (lets not forget the Tyee and the Narwhal), so she continues her recruitment drive finding OUTSIDERS to do the grunt work while she just needs to cash the cheques make out to her.

Looking for as many Buffy Sainte-Marie’s as they can find to sit in the cold at 44K (Note no mention of Gidimt’en or Wet’suwet’en, you just need to be her puppets.) Above is the Wickham sisters from Fort Fraser.

Too good not to share., the copy paste below from the article in the image above speaks nothing about local Gidimt’en or Wet’suwet’en, only people who know nothing about our neighbourhood, or Wet’suwet’en territory. And what are they going to do with Molly’s new feasthall that they only just opened? Do they expect the RCMP to maintain 24 hour survielance of the site to insure nobody does what happened at Sunshine Inn in Smithers?

Replenishing front-line activists
Joshua Akavak came to Replenish with suitcases of wild foods from his homelands. An Inuk from Nunavut, Akavak works as the counsellor manager for Ilisaqsivik Society in Kangitugaapik (Clyde River, East Baffin Island). “Eating together is such a blessing for everybody. Not only for myself, but for everyone. Mother Earth provided everything right for us, and we are to respect that,” says Akavak.

As the group took a session break, Akavak shared what he’d brought as gifts: smoked arctic char, seal, and caribou. The room was filled with happy chatter, until a hush fell as all eyes turned to Jennifer Wickham, (Wet’suwet’en). She’s the media coordinator for Gidimt’en Checkpoint, as well as co-director/producer for YINTAH, a feature-length documentary film set for release this year.

“I just want to share how grateful I am,” she said, tears falling freely. “We’re salmon and caribou people – and we don’t have caribou anymore in our territory. I’d like to share a poem I’ve written about that.”


Editors Note: Jennifer Wickham is not Wet’suwet’en See “Molly Wickham is not a Wet’suwet’en”

Was that worth an Emmy Award or not?




Yes it comes with yet another opportunity to pay them for their illegal activities.


Sabina Dennis had her first day in court on Oct 30th and has another on November 3rd 2023. She is not a Wet’suwet’en, she is Lheidli T’enneh First Nation (from Prince George). You might remember when she was screeching at the RCMP the first time we saw her check out the video below, that is her crowing like a rooster.

Here is another plea from the anarchists of 44K

Land Defenders is the ECO-RADICAL term for people willing to defy Canadian Law. They did not defend anything, they did a lot of vandalism, practice the art of swearing, and leave a horrendous filthy mess behind. Swearing at police officers is not defending land, the place will forever be known as a haven for drugs, drunks, and abuse against women.





NEXT on the list is Adam Gagnon who has a date with the Judge on November 14th, lets remember him in the video below. My bet is that Adam won’t dare to talk like this in the courtroom, will he will play the role of a reformed man?




NEXT we have Molly Wickham herself, still funding herself from donations intended for legitimate Wet’suwet’en, even though Molly never grew up on Gidimt’en lands, her bloodlines run deep in Gitxsan, and she was adopted (unofficially) by radicals in the Gidimt’en clan, not by way of a vote from the whole family. She gained most of her glory from illegitimate chiefs who bought their claims to title, but did not follow Wet’suwet’en protocol. We would like to remember Molly for those lady like moments, so we will share the following video with you. The following is her own propaganda film, you might say in her own words, and excellent display of lady like behaviour. While watching this video note the absence of the voice of Michael Toledano and Amber Bracken telling police they were media, until after they were arrested.


Wait folks, you be the judge. Was that male telling police to keep their hands off Molly Wickham the voice of Michael Toledano?

NEXT we have Shay Lynn Sampson, the side kick of Molly Wickhan, granted she is actually aboriginal, but not local, she is from Hazelton and is a Gitxsan.


This was another Tides Foundation story by their news tabloid National Observer




NEXT we have Cory Jocko

Recall this screamer, I wonder if he will look the same tough when he appears in front of the Supreme Court Justice as he does in the video below.

Be interesting to see if he will do the same thing to the Supreme Court Justice, somehow I think he will play the poor lamb off to slaughter instead.





While we are making this wall of remembrance, I had to add one more not listed for the court by Molly and Jennifer. His name is Michael Toledano

Recall how he swore up and down that he told police from the start he was media? Well there is that old saying, actions speak louder than words, watch the video below.

Look at how the RCMP had to push him to admit he was a journalist, actions speak louder than words.

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