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As a long time environmentalist I felt it was time to separate myself from fake environmentalist ‘Activists’ who are mostly “anarchists” and anti-society or anti-nationalists whose goal is to destroy the social fabric of our nation by undermining its economy. It has forced me to stand up in defense of our great nation Canada.

I am not alone, other long time environmentalists inclusive of most members of the Rod and Gun Club find themselves caught between protecting our environment and protecting ourselves from fake environmentalism.

There is so much created or creative fiction out there in regards to climate change, and how climate change is being “abused” to fight not only Oil and Gas production, but being used to bring Canada to its knees by knocking out all sectors of industry. We do not deny climate change, what we deny if fake reports on climate change, we accept real science and reject science fiction.

In that line of thought, we will bring you powerful evidence to put truth first. These articles will give you an insight into how environmentalists have hijacked the truth.


Aug 30th 2019
One of the best reasonable constructive documentary’s on deal with carbon and climate change. Energy is Life

Aug 1st 2019 We highly recommend reading the following article and even bookmarking this website.

Skeena – Going, going………….

The following has only one definition, its called bribery at the highest level of goverment. JLS
July 4th 2019Corbella: Krause questions why Trudeau changed charity laws for activists.

“This was what I was concerned about with regard to a payment of roughly $400,000 to the president of an environmental charity. Subsequently, the individual who received this payment, Mr. Gerald Butts, became the principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Mr. Butts has confirmed via Twitter that he did receive this payment as severance (from the World Wildlife Fund) after he voluntarily resigned (to run Trudeau’s successful 2015 federal election campaign.)

July 7th 2019Canadians are realizing foreign groups sabotaged our energy economy — for no good reason

“The U.S. organization,, loves spouting opinions about Canadian energy. Its founder and most vocal spokesperson, Bill McKibben, seems to believe we need a lot of his help in deciding how we here in Canada should manage our affairs. He unsurprisingly celebrates Canadian pipeline opposition. But what should concern all Canadians is celebrating that it helps get Canadian young people arrested. Here’s a boast from its 2016 annual report: “1,000 people were trained in civil disobedience practices, and 99 youths were arrested in Ottawa protesting the pipeline.”

“Canadian teenagers are encouraged by foreign organizations to get arrested in support of foreign interests”


“Considering these are anarchists, they pose a threat to all Canadians, they should not get a free pass for doing it under a false environmentalist agenda.” JLS

July 8th 2019CSIS gathered info on peaceful groups, but only in pursuit of threats

“Canada’s spy service collected some information about peaceful anti-petroleum groups, but only incidentally in the process of investigating legitimate threats to projects such as oil pipelines, says a long-secret federal watchdog report.”


March 1, 2019 –  The activists are only getting started

‘Stop everything’ is the activist mandate. A quick visit to any of the activist webpages is revealing: Stop logging; Stop mining; Stop pipelines; Stop fish farms; Stop farming; Stop oil; Stop natural gas. Stop, stop, stop is the name of their game.

July 5, 2019The North Matters

“It surprises me how frequently we forget that our environmental protection laws are among the best. How our rule of law, our freedoms and equality, while not perfect, are again among the best in the world.”

July 4, 2019CAPP responds to ‘unacceptable’ factually inaccurate report on LNG

“This is another deliberate attempt by a foreign-funded activist organization to discredit the Canadian oil and natural gas industry.”