Aboriginal anarchists continue to interfere with CGL

Using inhumane leg hold traps to stop a pipeline.

What more evidence do you need when a renegade group of anarchists intentionally uses the path of a surveyed pipeline and deliberately and self admittedly builds building on the right of way. Later the same renegade group of anarchists builds a so called sacred building on the right of way, again with the intention of blocking CGL for conducting legal work on land that belongs to the crown.

Now trap lines on the CGL right of way. There is absolutely nothing traditional about driving to a trap line, wearing state of the art clothing, snowshoes, and leg hold traps.

Leg hold traps were introduced by white settlers who wanted to buy furs. There is nothing traditional about a leg hold trap.

After getting a court injunction to not interfere with the pipeline, they put up trap lines on the very path they know CGL will be working on, and then to have the odacity to suggest CGL is interfering with their trap lines. They make no bones about snubbing the courts the judges and the rule of law.

Then use the footage twisting the truth to create propaganda, they intentionally place the trap line on the CGL route. Below is their edited for press propaganda piece.

Although it is legal for them to use leg hold traps, most Canadians find that they are inhumane, less than 2% of Canada’s indigenous population is involved in the fur trade, but here it’s being done with the specific goal of stopping CGL.

Next more confrontation with CGL with police involvement, again this is their own footage created for propaganda again, also more evidence its time to take down and close that camp of people hiding behind a status card that flaunt their disregard for the law.

The only way to stop it is remove it.

It’s high time the RCMP enforced the law, first removing the buildings that we put there to assist the renegade group of anarchists in breaking the law. I very much doubt there are building permits, sewage disposal permits, or certification of these building they claim are open to the public.

The building should be considered material used to obstruct justice and removed. The law strictly forbids unauthorized structures on Crown land. Our goverment needs to understand that the absence of applying the law equally is taking sides.  Its not only blockaders who should have their rights respected.

For 18 years the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations has turned a blind eye to upholding the law, based on its fear of deal with a race issue, its time they upheld the law for all of us.

“The construction or occupation of buildings on Crown land without permission (including hunting cabins, ski huts or long-term residences) is illegal and potentially dangerous.


The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations takes a tough stand against any unauthorized use or occupation of Crown land, in order to protect the environment and enhance public safety.

 Natural resource officers regularly patrol Crown land throughout the province and come across unauthorized structures from time to time. Increased recreational use of British Columbia’s backcountry and easier access to remote areas has resulted in more cases of illegal structures, unauthorized use of Crown land, and the abandonment and storing of vehicles and other equipment.

 These activities can:

   cause environmental damage.

    disrupt wildlife habitat and sensitive plant ecosystems.

    negatively affect legitimate uses of Crown land and resources.

    create safety and liability concerns.

 It is illegal to use, occupy or build structures on Crown land without prior approval. Penalties of up to $100,000 or the seizure of improvements, goods or materials may apply. The person responsible also could be billed for clean-up costs.

 Members of the public are encouraged to call 1 877-952-7277 toll-free (or #7277 on a cellphone) to report illegal structures or suspicious activity. They can also report a suspected natural resource violation online by filling out a form at:



It is without a shadow of a doubt that the B.C. Government is aware of these illegal buildings, and for them to close their eyes to it sets a dangerous precedent. Maybe its time we all started to phone that number and remind them to do their job.


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  1. hi love the articles here is some more food for you, a couple years ago Freda and Warner was bragging she was looking after the Chisolm lake area (just north east of the camp) as part of the Unistoten territory.
    Where they erected signage and began trapping that territory. A citizen checking on tree planting noticed a marten hanging from a trap in May 2017, and picked up on how they were marking their traps, that person found 4 marten and 3 fishers hanging in traps that had not been checked for sometime based on the rotting carcasses in the traps at the time they were found. it was reported to the CO service, but the camp denied any of it, but they were the only ones up there that winter as no logging roads were open. they came across the thautil river on sleds and set the traps and when the river opened up failed to pull the conibear traps and left what they caught to rot. it is despicable and horrific yet they claim to be looking after the land. I wouldn’t let them look after the gum on the bottom of my shoe.

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