Tide is a good soap, but it won’t clean this mess.


To the editor,

Thanks for your efforts JLS, but I think it’s all a case of too little too late.

It’s really a sad day in some ways, but it comes down to what we as a people should call self-inflicted. It’s a result of playing the game all or nothing, zero compromise. For decades I have been telling people that if we can compromise we can live without a pipeline for dilbit to the ocean. We won all the time, until we got to the issue of Pacific Trails Pipeline for LNG.

All of the forces that were united against bitumen, right across Canada, thought their formidable force could be an end all to pipelines. They failed to convince Canada (the citizens) that a pipe full of vapor will not enter a stream when broken, because it does not. They failed to admit burning a wood stove on an aboriginal reserve was more harmful than burning LNG. They failed to admit LNG does not leave oil slicks, in fact they failed so badly by perpetuated lies, even aboriginals said “hey wait a minute”, and went on board with LNG.

I watched as 20 or more years of fighting for our environment was slowly slipping into the hands of people who wanted to make environmentalism a career, sucking the nipples of the Tides Foundation.

Professional nipple suckers aka pipeline protestors.

As much and as hard as we tried to keep our own dirty diapers hidden, in the end Canada could smell the American Dream of owning even Canada’s Oil industry, thanks to the Tides and other American Foundations, even national news outlets like National Observer are funded by Tides.

The unemployment line will surge as all these folks living off the nipples of American Corporations that are funded by groups like Tides, see they have failed to seduce Canada.

Then we have the polls, the environmentalists too stupid to see the tide switch direction, failed to see the wave they sent across Canada, was now returning as a tsunami, the environmentalists helped bring down the Liberals and the NDP, and handed the Conservatives our environment on a silver platter.

Now we have the NEB essentially saying the orcas are worth losing, based on the value of the bitumen pipeline. We have an upcoming Conservative Government who will pick up where Harper left off, and insure there will be no tanker ban, will insure pipelines will be built east as well as west, and the only part the Conservatives will miss is thanking environmentalists for making it happen.

Congratulations for wiping out Vancouver’s Orca population, because you wanted the cake and to eat it alone as well.  Oh but it’s not over till it’s over you will shout and scream, truth be told unless the Federal Conservatives and NDP swap places in the polls, you have as they say “No Chance In Hell” of saving the orcas.

“name withheld by request”

Editors Note: We have a linked story to this problem.

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