Protests based on two words indigenous, and genocide

Ignorance is obviously bliss! But then its about a photo opportunity, and not the stupidity of being part of it.

In the news that the Office of Wet’suwet’en is putting their new found wealth to good use to see the world, courtesy of John Horgan. With a near 2 million dollar spending spree on the taxpayer dime, they are off to New York to address the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

I seriously doubt they have any intention of negotiating anything other than when and where Horgan will hand over all the land plus compensation cash to John Ridsdale along with an apology for taking so long to do it.

But a 2 Million Dollar cash advance from Horgan, who could resist, looks like a spending spree is in order. After all they neither recognize the Government of Canada or the goverment of British Columbia, so if they are dumb enough to hand over cash, take it.

So while they are there why not join other protestors for photo opportunities to promote their cause and solicit more money via GoFundMe.

I seriously doubt that they have a clue at what they are protesting, because the majority of Brazilian citizens are indigenous people that have anywhere from a fraction to a majority of foreign blood in them. Yet the Wet’suwet’en here say one drop of blood is all it takes to qualify.

Tell this to the indigenous people of Brazil, you know the ones your standing with protesting! You keep insisting that one drop of aboriginal blood, seriously do some homework, the people you are standing with are the pure bred indigenous, who are protesting against the ones who are not pure.

“Brancos, commonly referred as White Brazilians, are the ethnic majority in the country forming 47.73% of the country’s population.”

“The majority of the white Brazilians are found in states such as Santa Catarina, Rio Grande de Sul, Parana, and Sao Paulo. The European settlers, mostly the Portuguese, came during the colonization era, and the majority were male. The male settlers were involved in relationships with indigenous women and slaves leading to the birth of a new ethnic group.”

“Pardo ethnic group forms 43.13% of the Brazilian population. While white Brazilians have 70% European genomic ancestry, Pardos have 37.1% European genomic ancestry. The ethnic group had its history from the colonial period when the European settlers came to Brazil. The term “Pardo” was first used in Brazil’s census of 1872 and is currently used to refer to people such as mulatos, cafuzos, and cabocios.”

So the remaining 100% pure indigenous people are the ones protesting here, now look at people over half of the Wet’suwet’en protest group, inclusive of both the two in this picture would not qualify as indigenous in this indigenous rights group, you would fall into the oppressors group.

Ignorance is obviously bless!

Ignorance is obviously bliss! But then its about a photo opportunity, and not the stupidity of being part of it.


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