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Years ago we saw some of the most respectful aboriginal leaders of all time stand up for their people to make the request that government grant a fair settlement to the aboriginal people. Their voices were backed up by locals who grew up side by side with our aboriginal brothers and sisters. They quietly told their story without exaggeration; they spoke of a history that did not play out in the way that even Canadians would consider to be honourable and fair, and it was time to change that.

This was a time when locals regardless of color stood up for each other, however today; we are seeing the so called leadership exploiting racism as a bargaining tool.

Abusers regardless of race often exploit tactics of deflection, to take attention away from themselves and what they do, to keep the focus on the faults of others.

In order to hide the theft of aboriginal title, white man has become the target of racism, it’s been turned into a them or us war.

While those who created the Office of Wet’suwet’en worked very hard to create unity with the residents of the Bulkley Valley with great success, sadly they were followed by a new vision, one where its every man for himself, and the doorway to wealth was owning the title of hereditary chief.

Gone are the days where unity among nations is the highest priority, gone are the days where we respect brothers and sisters regardless of color.

The object now is not a fair settlement, it is now about selfish greed, and the power of control of other people lives. It no longer about negotiation, it’s now all of nothing, sadly nothing is what they will get. It’s about stealing blankets from brothers and sisters within the Wet’suwet’en Nation.

This new generation of chiefs make up the rules as they go along, they deny the rightful heirs of their rights to their lands. They claim to follow the laws of their forefathers, yet every action proves otherwise.

These are the same people who now go out of their way to force race based hate on their own brothers and sisters, to insure no one does the research on who are legitimate chiefs, or ones who simply paid for feasts as a way to buy their way to “hereditary chief.” They call their own brothers and sisters “apples” for defending unity, only to force you to take their side in a grand theft of title and power.

The new way for the “Office of Wet’suwet’en” is all about selling race hate, and this brings me to the next letter that was sent in by a Bulkley Valley resident, who spent years working with the greatest chiefs of all time, Leonard George(Smogelgem) and  Alfred Joseph (Dini ze’ Gisday’way) the two primary leaders behind the Supreme Court of Canada rulings.

Name withheld by request, this is a letter in response John Ridsdale’s accusations, when he spoke to the United Nations, insulting all of the residents of the Bulkley Valley who stood side by side with your people for so many generations.


I am that damned white man.

I am that damned white man that you blame for all your woes.
I am that damned white man that with my taxes paid for your medical and dental.
I am that damned white man that married an aboriginal sister
I am that damned white man your related to
I am that damned white man that help search for your lost family
I am that damned white man that help pay for a potlatch
I am that damned white man who has aboriginal kids
I am that damned white man you want money from our tax dollars
I am that damned white man your suing
I am that damned white man that helped fight for the rights of your mother father and sisters
I am that damned white man that stood with you to protect OUR salmon
I am that damned white man that you accuse, based on what some other damned white man did.
I am that damned white man that helped your people acquire white man’s goods like, a quad, your diesel truck, white man’s nets, freezers, hospitals, highways and let’s not forget medical care.
I am that damned white man that carried many of your brothers to their final resting place, and mourned their loss with their families.And you have the brazen audacity to complain when someone accuse you of something someone else did, be it your brothers, sister uncle father or grandfather. We have as much right to be here are you young kids born here after us, were not leaving.That leaves you two choices, continue your racist rants, or accept were both here to stay and we can get along if were willing to see each other as equal humans.I am sick to death of people like you bitching and whining about what people did to you, however NOT YOU but to your ancestors. I am neither your ancestor, nor the people who did you wrong.I am a fellow human being, like you trying to survive in an ever-increasing world of freeloaders who want everything handed to them on a platter.I see you as a brother, but one that needs to get over him/herself and work towards a future we can all live with.Written by a damned white man that had enough of racist bashing.


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