INVASION – The Art of Deception

In the world of the obstructionist you turn white into black, and black into white, in this case they are the invaders of land they wish to steal from other First Nations.

Our peaceful valley was invaded by hooligans, who are really multinational anarchists, obstructionists, rooted into many First Nations communities, who pretend to support land claims as a means to an end that will not even include the average First Nations member.

If you did not seen it yet, don’t worry, you probably have already seen the footage, and it mostly a remix of old footage used previously to make money via GoFundMe accounts. We did not bother posting a copy, as we are pretty sure even the diehard environmental alarmists were expecting a more riveting performance than yet another rehashed older video.

So we are rating this video production as a sleeper, no new content, all rehash.

Who would ever have dreamed a few hoodlums could hold all Canadians hostage to their theft of land they have no tight to.

The Morice watershed is one of the most famed steelhead rivers for the world today, the beauty of Morice Lake and the other lakes up in this part of a pristine British Columbia became the target of a human invasion, not by environmentalists, but by anarchists & obstructionists.

People who do not want to work for a living, were never really there to live on the land, they came precisely to be the obstruction in the path of gas pipeline.  Thus enter the term obstructionists, and misguided Unist’ot’en anarchists.

They still have many of their elders convinced that the LNG pipeline will be filled with dirty bitumen, thus the tears and fears campaign of crying mothers, hoping that crocodile tears will save their day. Thus the talk about oil spills and salmon going extinct it’s a never ending cry me a river full of obstructionists exaggerations.

These beautiful natural backcountry lakes and forests became a lotto jackpot when it was discovered pipelines were going to come through what we later came to know as the energy corridor. He who has the keys, will be more than independently wealthy, they will be powerful as well. He, who controls the money, controls all the people, thus the old goat’s society.

Unlike logging pipeline investments will remain in the ground, a nice clean path that in time would probably grow over to remain largely unnoticed.

Now comes 2 environmental alarmist couples who saw the potential of making a ton of money by standing in the way of the project. Thus the invasion began, Molly & Cody (neither of them are Wet’suwet’en) and Freda & Warner decide to grab a pre-made cabin that was intended to be placed on the unceded property of Darleen Glaim also legally known as Chief Woos.

This is many years before they decided to steal thee land that was put in her guardianship by the previous Chief Woos.

We covered a number of time how this hereditary title became the subject of an illegal theft by the Office of Wet’suwet’en, more precisely at the orders of John Ridsdale.

As mentioned in other articles, John took to breaking all the rules of that previously he declared to be Wet’suwet’en Law (Eagle Down) and having a non-Wet’suwet’en write the new constitution for the Wet’suwet’en people.

Recently a wing chief (Adam Gagnon) made a fool of himself flying to England and thinking they could hijack a meeting for LNG investments from Canada, pretending he was a hereditary chief alongside a anarchist  obstructionist Mike Sawyer. Mike complained “Even though we registered in advance and had our registrations confirmed, we were denied access.”

Then both of them were complaining they were the subject of investigations on their return by Canadian Immigration officers.

The problem is when you engage or in any way appear to trending in the direction of terrorism, you make it necessary for law enforcement to protect society. Complain as you will, duck behind the racist card, walk all over other people’s rights and freedoms, you’re not going to get much sympathy from either First Nations or working class citizens.

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  1. The thing that makes me angry is there stopping work so the families will be taken care of. Do they know that? Or even care? There all getting paid to protest mean while families are hurting. I know there all related to me but it still not feeding the families in need. My heart goes out to the people who want to work to take care of their own.

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