Before we Merry Ho Ho one more rant.

Likhts'amisyu driving the latest trucks and cars, while so many of their people live in poverty.

As we wind down another decade and ready ourselves for the new one, we have a few closing thoughts to share as well. The other day I was pleasantly surprised to hear a Canadian Sikh defending the term Merry Christmas, he said it’s part of the culture of Canada to celebrate this day, and it was in no way a conflict, as the act only required goodwill to all, wishing peace and joy to fellow Canadians as well as people all over the world.

In choosing to wish people both joy and happiness, I cannot help but think of those who are so bitter with life that they fume and froth at the mouth, not from good cheer but from hate and selfish greed, with most of them do not even knowing what exactly they hate. Again my mind drifts to that small but very squeaky wheel that drives many of us crazy during the other 11 months of the year, the obstructionists and anarchists.

They hate Canada, but like leaches cannot live without their hosts, they hate authority, yet imply people need to obey their rules. They hate the modern world, oil, plastic, drugs, and expect all of society to end its usage, all the while demanding the right to do so at everyone else’s expense. Almost all the food they eat, every thread of clothing on their backs, the boots, their dental braces, their free medical care, all from OIL products that they want you and me to stop using.

They drive the latest trucks and cars, while the rest of us working people buy older used ones to go to work each day.

Likhts’amisyu driving the latest trucks and cars, while so many of their people live in poverty.

In many ways they remind me of the people who drink milk, but think we need to stop dairy farming, eat eggs but think we need end poultry farming, eat pork and cry about abuse to pigs. We need to stop eating gluten, even if it’s what makes bread soft and fluffy. We should go back to the old ways, while they enjoy all the benefits of the new ways.

Their war cry, we cannot drink oil or gas, but use it as the source of their very existence.
Many of them today want to abolish Christmas until they have kids; they condemn Christianity, and then pray for the defeat of Canadian society.

Climate Crisis, indeed, but the tills at the liquor stores and marijuana shops continue to break records in sales, trucks being the number one choice of Canadians to drive, also the largest producers of carbon emissions. Yet look at what these protestors show up in prior to any press event.

Then we have campfires and wood stoves, Wood Burning vs. Natural Gas: No Contest. … Any way you slice it, it’s clear that gas burns much more cleanly than wood, leading to less particulate pollution. Yet these morons will tell you thick black molasses oil with be covering all of their territory. They lie to their elders about the damage LNG does to the lands lakes and rivers.

The damage to the land, rivers and lakes will amount to no more than feeding a protestor canned beans and watch to see if its tar or smelly gas that comes out the other end.

The hypocrisy we tolerate and even feed is incredible; unfortunately we have a press that thrives on turmoil. When will they start examining the so called environmentalists? We need to label them just as we would with handicapped people, survey them like we survey handicapped people.

Find out just how many of them walk the walk or if they are all just talk.

All these little groups are popping up (in order to hide their faces) we need to observe more about them, how rich are they, and just how many of their demands are they living with? Do they practice what they preach or do they just expect someone else to make all the sacrifices?

Our sockeye salmon almost near extinction, but who cares, play the race card and harvest anyways. Same thing with moose, hitting all-time lows in numbers and again the race card comes out.

Correctly said, there are people out there that want to own both the world created by the immigrants, and the life lived by our ancestors, and expect to get it. They talk about life in the past as if a viable time machine exists, knowing going back cannot ever be done. They use the word ownership as a sales tactic on their own people in order to justify their stolen blankets. (Land title) Who would know today that this is all based on a history that goes back only as far as today’s great grandmothers? We are in an age of creating history faster than we can say the word land claims.

There are few if any of today’s hereditary chiefs that can name their great grandparents, and few if any at all that can name the generation before that. This gives a lot of power to verbal invention of title, and all of it is based on you have to believe it because of ones DNA. They just have to make the claim and the rest of society is required to pick up the costs, no proof beyond hearsay is required.

Listen to these chiefs, start with a prayer to the Christian God in one breath then condemn their existence in another. Yet here we go again, we still start all meetings with a prayer asking God to favor our people over against the other race, and protect us from the truth.

Obstructionists are the ones who light the largest racism fires, because without racism, their own game is up, they only get power from aboriginal disagreements with society, without disagreements they are without power. So as they say the Devil is in the details, about 50 environmental organizations who do not give a damn about the environment, but it sure beats working for a living. If aboriginals get jobs, the fear is they might have to work for a living as well.

All of this after more than 100 years of the Bulkley Valley living in friendship with our Wet’suwet’en brothers and sisters, we on the other hand will still celebrate Christmas, will still do our best to help the poor and needy, and do it together. Let’s pray we still have jobs in the new year, many communities no longer have that privilege.

No shame propane


No shame Diesel fuel
No shame gas, but the rest of us need to stop using it as its bad for the environment and climate change.

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