Sabina Dennis is back, as loud as ever.

Sabina Dennis is back, as loud as ever.



Recall the screaming woman at last years police raid on the illegal blockade set up by Molly Wickham, well she is back, she is not Wet’suwet’en but simply loves being a shit disturber against our RCMP. I won’t make this a long article, it pretty much is self explanatory, in regards to the sheer arrogance and rude behavior by outsiders who have no right to be here, other than as a Canadian citizen, the very core of what people like this despise. They hate Canada, they hate their citizenship, but demand to have all of the privileges, plus they want the right to tell the massive majority of citizens what  to do and when to do it.

Its all about attitude, and these people need a massive attitude adjustment.

She was not welcomed here or asked to come by the Wet’suwet’en Nation, but might have been asked to come by radical anarchists from the fringe group of extremist Wet’suwet’en people. Sabina Dennis comes from the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation where she could protest this on her own yintah (unceded land), but she would really be alone, because all her own people support the LNG project.

We do appreciate the RCMP for upholding the law, respectfully but also in that they refuse to be intimidated in the face of a radical woman who might have anger management issues.

We use their own videos to prove our point.



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  1. This is just a heads up from the hearsay gravy train. Word from inside the outside camp is that they do not want to end this peacefully; they intend to make it go down violent. Some agree some don’t.
    nuff said, and shared. It’s their call.

  2. Not surprising, the way some conduct themselves is that they want another Oka or Gustafson Lake to happen as it would raise their fundraising and if they make the RCMP look violent, they will have won the PR battle

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