Duped Press – Anushka Azadi – Fake Aboriginals – Immigrants from India

Anushka Azadi - Its always about the money, yet another please GoFundMe. That's a lot of leg advertising.

They do not give a damn about land claims, or the Wet’suwet’en people, they just “use” First Nations for their anti oil industry agenda. This is so opposite of being helpful, how many times have the Wet’suwet’en elders asked people to please but out of our internal affairs? This deceitful practice is typical of those impersonating aboriginals or even aboriginals impersonating Wet’suwet’en to build false credibility.

There is no other way to describe her than a career activist, too lazy to work for a living, so like a sponge, lives on the backs of others.


It never ends, people claiming to be aboriginal and standing up for our local Wet’suwet’en Nation. “Anushka Azadi, a spokesperson for the Secwepemc Sacred Fire, said Hereditary Chief Sawses chose to be voluntarily arrested to prevent RCMP from snuffing a sacred fire that was burning along the tracks and prevent other Secwepemc nation members and supporters from being handcuffed.”


“From one fire place to another we are uniting to challenge the Canadian government to fulfill its promises and obligations to our Nations,” a statement posted by Anushka Azadi on behalf of Secwepemc Women’s Sacred Fire Council and posted on Facebook reads.

“We have lived too long without recognition and protection of our rights and title, of our pristine land and clean water. We have suffered for generations, our children taken from us, our forests cut down, our mountains mined, our homes destroyed, our People displaced. Canada has no deed to our lands, no right to exert the violent jurisdiction of resource extractive industry.”


ALL FALSE ATTRIBUTIONS – Implying that she herself is Secwepemc


Anushka Azadi gets escorted out of the Nanaimo Trudeau town hall

Now from an interview she had with Breaking the Fast (BTF)


Thanks so much Anushka for taking the time to talk with Breaking the Fast (BTF).

BTF: Let’s start with introductions. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Anushka: My name is Anushka. I am a frontline defender and legal advocate, broadcast journalist, writer, performer, community organizer and all around bad bitch.

BTF: How did you come to doing work with Indigenous land defenders? When did you start? 

Anushka: As an immigrant to so-called Canada, growing up in poverty and fear, in pain and confusion, made me deeply aware of and sensitive to the intersecting oppressions that twisted up, not only my life, but the lives of others as well. I began understanding words like systemic, institutional and I began to understand the horrors that accompanied what was taught to me as the rise of civilization: industrialization, capitalism/free market economies, “democracy”. 

Thankless immigrant Anushka Azadi
People like this should be deported out of Canada and sent back to India (Anushka Azadi) in the center)


 Holy smokes, this is the kind of people we allow into Canada? How dare she talk about OUR nation in that tone after having the rare privilege of becoming a landed immigrant? She should have her status revoked and sent back to India.


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  1. Meanwhile…fraudulent indigenous impersonator Anusha Azadi spins lies to the press while she leads the parade to the barricades. Oh what tangled webs we weave…. ? There is much deception at work when one takes a look behind the curtain. Powerful and well organized outside forces well versed in assembling public outrage around any issue that will “save the planet” are hard at work behind the scene. They will even go so far as to hijack and cause turmoil within other cultures to accomplish their anti-oil or anti-development agenda. Now, I can see from the above article out of Chicago USA, that they are bringing in the big guns to bolster the rebellion using the climate change argument. Everybody is on board for fighting climate change…right? The time for fraudulent immigrants posing as indignant and long suffering First Nations folks for the media is being found out for the sham it is.

    Say hello to Christiana Figueres folks. I’m pretty sure Greta is not far behind and would be at the Unist’ot’en camp already, if she wasn’t having trouble finding a solar powered sailboat to get her here. Then again, it could just be the weather?


  2. PS…with regards to my comment above, I did not mean that Christiana Figueres had specifically joined her voice to the Bulkley Valley pipeline issue, but meant to point out that for such a high profile personage advocating/ calling for civil disobedience as a valid tool to seek redress on any given social issue…comes at an importune time? I’m sure she is aware of the problems this pipeline issue is having all across our country..she is a smart woman. I just wonder if it doesn’t imply license or consent for behaviors we are now witnessing from Victoria to Toronto and Vancouver to Hazelton etc. It almost like throwing fuel on a raging fire. Just my opinion. Wanted to clear the previous post up a bit? Thanks.

  3. My research about Anushka in the past indicated she came to Canada from the United Arab Emirates. She first got on my radar during Occupy Vancouver, she and her anarchist friends have been everywhere you don’t want to be over the years.

    When she’s not running around in a Spirit Halloween headdress pretending to be an Indian, marching in f**the police marches, or protesting mines in the name of first nations to the benefit of her ENGO allies- the UVic law schoolis dropout is holding press conferences out of the Union of BC Indian chiefs conference room claiming to be a “legal advocate” for first nations.

    Shes a plastic warrior. The little grandmother of BC’s anarchist revolutionary protest set. I’ve attached links below of stories I’ve written including some of her antics and misadventures.






    • Hello Greg,
      I also had the misfortune to come across Anushka, her being a roommate of me, she got me kicked out of a home, by being two-faced with the owner. She still says she studied law, to everyone who is willing to listen. She is not someone to be trusted, she will stab you in the back as soon as you turn away from her. A sad human being indeed.

  4. Enjoyed your letter Greg. What a piece of work Anushka is eh? A wannabe Hiawatha princess SJW conning her way from cause to cause. I see a made-for-TV movie in the works? LOL

    I begrudgingly respect the bravado of her masquerade. I had theatrical leanings in my younger days and “trod the boards” for a while. A hard way to make a living. Of course, there was no GoFundMe back then to support you between sparse acting jobs. You had to work another job and hope for success someday. It seems that GoFundMe has become the new Canada Council. Just con and hoax your way with an elaborate disguise or a good song & dance etc and VIOLA…people throw dough at you!
    It’s the con artists like Anushka and her ilk that gives passionate, honest and committed “activists” a bad name and makes them all suspect. She should penalized somehow for both cultural appropriation…and simple fraud.

    Thanks also for the links and for your intrepid research for the truth.

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