Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco-journalists

Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco-journalists

This page has been moved and updated and can be found here.  Amanda Follett Hosgood


They do not want independent, professional and non-partisan judgments about pipelines or other energy projects. Instead, they want to appeal to those who lack expertise and objectivity or are politically opposed to all energy development to substitute bias for professional judgment.

In order to do a better job of exposing the eco cult we have allowed another new website to take over the work we started.
That website can be found here. Environmentalism Exposed

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  1. In her Tyee bio, Hosgood says that after she came to the Smithers area via Canmore Alberta she bought seven acres of “raw land” and first built a garage with an apartment upstairs she lived in until she and her new partner built a straw bale house.

    Reading that made me wonder what the difference between “raw land” and “unceded (insert tribal group name here) traditional territory” and how it is that she feels entitled to own her land while insisting that long term non-status natives don’t actually own theirs.

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