Skeenawild Conservation Trust – Eco-Radical Organizations

Skeenawild Conservation Trust – Eco-Radical Organizations

This page has been moved and updated and can be found here. Skeenawild Conservation Trust


They do not want independent, professional and non-partisan judgments about pipelines or other energy projects. Instead, they want to appeal to those who lack expertise and objectivity or are politically opposed to all energy development to substitute bias for professional judgment.

In order to do a better job of exposing the eco cult we have allowed another new website to take over the work we started.
That website can be found here. Environmentalism Exposed

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  1. Dogwood is not on your lists. They bragged about campaigning for the Liberals in the 2015 election in Ridings across Canada. They concentrated on locations that might have close outcomes. They were successful in many. They received a lot of financial support from Soros, laundered through Tides / Makeway, which constitutes illegal foreign participation. The results in those Ridings should have been investigated and possibly overturned.

    Take a close look at Vivian Krause. She has conducted research for years on this subject and is deliberately ignored and even denigrated in the Canadian Media. Trudeau funds the Media.

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