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Hi friends.
I heard that Alberta had a few cases of the Covid flu or flu variants, that may have been traced back to a restaurant or two, or gym in the Edmonton area.
So rather than identify the source of the root problem, Kenney and Hinshaw have decided to shut down all gyms and restaurants in the province, and force us back into phase 1 of the lockdown situation.
With a broad sweeping brush, the government is basically suggesting that all eating and exercise facilities are guilty.
I know that the fact checkers and context police will be all over this post, so I had better add that even though each of us who visited a gym or sit down eatery had to divulge a name and phone number, contact tracing for this kind of activity would take significant manpower (or woman power) to get ahold of each and every person.
And they are probably going to have a dead end road looking for all the fake names and firehall numbers that were given out.
Just saying…
I know that we all have to take our health and these virus more seriously.
I totally get that.
But it takes an extreme left and Liberal mindset to punish every single person in Alberta for the lack of care taken by a small percentage of our province.
Actually, is there any proof that the people who spread the virus are indeed Albertans?
Have they identified the establishments responsible for the spread of the virus?
Are all the mom and pop cafes and bistros or coffee shops also going to have to let their staff go because the government can’t get a handle on the situation??
Maybe it is time for all of us to get together and vote non confidence in our current leadership?
Just asking.
You know.. for Samual Elliott who gave his name at a local gym. I think his number begins with 555 something or another.
Trace this note back to him while you have three weeks locked down.

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