RCMP arrive at drill pad site access road.

Physically trying to block the RCMP wearing camouflage in full breach of the Supreme Court Injunction.

Image above: Physically trying to block the RCMP wearing camouflage in full breach of the Supreme Court Injunction.

The video we have attached is footage from their own propaganda team, edited to make everyone other than themselves look bad. They have been doing this for years, they took training from professional protesters sent in by organizations like the American Sierra Club. People like Jill Soffer a billionaire from the USA, also an activist and board member of the American Sierra Club is sending money directly to Molly to help fund this blockade. She just donated $5000 dollars to the GoRallyUp online activist version of GoFundMe, to try block CGL from running its legal right to drill under the Morice River. The protesters now call this Coyote Camp, be sure before its over they will say its been called that since time immemorial.


See Million Dollar Molly for more on how close to a million dollars has been directed to Molly to stop a legal project.

This is footage from October 8th 2021  Its amusing how some of their people use Wet’suwet’en words or phrases on the RCMP when none of them (Molly included) know how to speak or understand the spoken word in Wet’suwet’en. They have a linguist somewhat versed in the Wet’suwet’en language to translate and teach them for the purpose of propaganda videos to appear as if they are speaking from the heart, its all fake acting.

Note Molly makes no mention of the renewed Fairy Creek Supreme Court Injunction after making so much noise about how because of police the judge refused to renew it, well looks like that was an error of the judge now corrected. Molly also makes no mention of the fact that its protesters VS Pacheedaht First Nation. So much for standing up for First Nations Molly.

Molly continues to use the deaths of so many aboriginal women and converts it into illogical reasons to stop the pipeline, likewise now she is using the dead children from residential schools for the same hideous reason.

In June 2019, the British Columbia Supreme Court ruled that potential compliance with Indigenous law relied on by the protesters in this case is not a defence to a breach of Canadian law. The Court concluded that, under both Canadian and Indigenous law, the protesters’ blockades constituted a self-help remedy. The Court reaffirmed that self-help remedies are contrary to the rule of law, and constituted an abuse of process, which the Court does not condone.

I wish to interject, that its only the protesters who claim they are applying aboriginal law because every aboriginal community involved with land has agreed and signed approval for this pipeline to proceed, so its only Molly and her gang of hooligans pretending they speak for the Wet’suwet’en that are making this claim.

Clearly if the RCMP really were doing their jobs, everyone involved in breaching the injunction should be arrested. It simply put is unfair to expect Canadians to obey the law or face the consequences, when you close your eyes to deliberate and intentional breaches.

Get it done please, you have an obligation to uphold the rule of law.

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Before we get to the video, I have another question to ask. At what point does using illegal activities to use as a means to make significant financial gains become proceeds of crime? Is it not incumbent on police to seize the money obtained from committing and urging others to commit a crime? And I have one for CGL as well, why are you not suing for damages, its not like the parties involved have not publicly shown or flaunted how much money they are making from committing these crimes.

And one for government, hey you out there, yes I am talking to you Nathan Cullen, why are you not ordering the money be seized to offset policing costs? Or are you wondering if you can bring the protesters more donuts and bill it to the tax payers? Its “YOUR” job to uphold the law, meaning bring a swift end to blockades on roads under your supervision.

Addendum: The following from Ellis Ross

From; Ellis Ross

I can’t help but shake my head.

British Columbia first nations worked too hard to bring LNG to our province for protestors and blockaders – supported by the NDP – to undo all of that good work.

But it’s going to keep happening unless political leaders have the courage to speak out and defend communities who choose to develop their resources responsibly.

Last week, protestors erected blockades to STOP the construction of a new natural gas pipeline the runs from Northern British Columbia to the LNG Canada facility in Kitimat.

And where was John Horgan?


But should we really be surprised?

After all, the NDP doesn’t only support LNG protests and blockades but NDP politicians have actually shown up at anti-LNG demonstrations and signed anti-development declarations!

The fact of the matter is elected chiefs and councils are trying to solve problems that British Columbia provincial governments haven’t been able to tackle – poverty, unemployment and social issues!

Finally, thanks in part to the work of elected chiefs and councillors, we’re making progress on those issues. That makes every British Columbia community stronger, and it makes our province stronger.

But by refusing to support projects approved by First Nations communities (after undergoing the strictest environmental assessments), the NDP is sending a clear message.

The NDP wants British Columbians to believe that democratically elected chiefs and councillors are out to annihilate their own people.

But I will NEVER let them get away with it.

The NDP’s divide and conquer approach to politics – which relies on pitting British Columbians against each other – has held our province down for too long.

As leader of the BC Liberal Party, I will stand up for democratically elected chiefs and councillors against a provincial government that ignores them, but caters to lawbreakers and illegal blockaders.

And, as Premier, I will fight for every community who chooses to develop their resources in a safe, responsible, manner.

And I will work tirelessly to change hearts and minds in our province so that we once again foster a culture where growth, opportunity, local decision-making and private sector investment are welcomed.

It’s time we tip the scales back in favor of jobs, growth, and progress in British Columbia.

It’ time for a Premier who will say NO to blockades and YES to jobs and prosperity.



Ellis Ross, BC Liberal leadership candidate

Ellis Ross · Canada

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