Janet Williams – Blockader Profile

Janet Williams – Blockader Profile
Look at who is giving the police the middle finger, is this what they mean when they say respected matriarch?

Janet Williams is one of those rare people who is (in our own humble opinion) being manipulated by others into a mother hen role, and contrary to the claims of blockaders, does not fit the Wet’suwet’en definition of matriarch. But it now seems blockaders have their own definition that makes anyone (female) who is not a child is a Wet’suwet’en matriarch. According to Wet’suwet’en a matriarch is an female elder who leads not only her immediate family, but that of all her parents (siblings) family members of multiple generations. There is only one in a family who is designated, and Janet Williams does not fit that role.

Keep in mind these so called “land defenders” are all just pawns of Franklin Lopez The secret operative behind the internal war in the Wet’suwet’en family.

The blockaders make a lot of noise about her arrest, but fail to explain how she escaped her arrest by claiming she had what might be a heart attack, then next day proudly protests the arrests at the Smithers courthouse. In a practice that seems to be increasingly a norm, lying has just become a required tool for these so called Land Defenders.

Janet Williams and her husband make a miraculous recovery from what they claim were chest pains (heart attack) and are now protesting on behalf of Molly’s hooligans.

Regarding the above picture “relatively” speaking, her husband is Lawrence Bazil, who is the brother of Violet Gellenbeck who played an active role in stripping three Wet’suwet’en women of their title as Hereditary chiefs. (another case of all in the family) these plots always go deeper than the press ever takes them.

For the record, we felt we needed to respond to this, according to Molly herself 20 of the people arrested were not Wet’suwet’en so that means her so called kids are all outsiders, she executes her lies with precision, in our opinion Janet Williams is knowingly being deceitful. We also confirmed this in a full list of who was arrested near the middle of the page. Refer to the lists of arrests November 18th and another on the 19th 2021.



Janet Williams, drunk and disorderly getting arrested by RCMP in downtown Smithers


Here is the original footage as posted online.



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