Local Syrian refugee should face extradition.

Warner Naziel showing his contempt for the authority of Canada's goverment.
Thankless refugee deserves extradition.

Being aboriginal does not excuse you from bad behaviour, or crimes or inciting crimes against our country. Being aboriginal does not excuse you from the ramifications, or give you a free pass that allows you to steam roll over society and were supposed to roll over and take it because you’re an indian?

OK maybe your wondering why I went from refugee to radical indian in one sentence.

Radial Indians call the people who built this nation “white man” and blame everything from their drug addiction, murder, fetal alcohol syndrome, alcoholism, obesity, poverty, aggressive behaviour, violence against women, in particular their own women, being dead beat dads who breed women but want nothing to do with razing kids, all of this is the fault of the pioneers who built this nation, and more pointedly so at those who pay the bills for their behaviour.

They need the support of Canadian colored people and radical feminists so they single out white males as the reason they themselves are such a bunch of jackasses.

This coming from a page run by Adam Gagnon and Warner Naziel who abandoned their kids to take up being anarchists, they are at war with the people of Canada, the people we know as Canadians. Let’s not forget Warner Naziel stole or hijacked the name Smogelgem, and let’s not forget he is the nephew of Adam Gagnon and they are both members of the Owl House, both squatting on Sun House Territory.

The land they are squatting on belongs to Chief Smogelgem (Gloria George) of the SunHouse, without consent in a hostile takeover. It is only because the courts have not yet settled land claims, that charges of grand theft have not been laid against this pair of hoodlum anarchists, who do not even recognize the authority of the Supreme Court of Canada, but sure know how to play them when they are being criticized, or submitting creative affidavits, or false statements of claim in regards to title.

Now if what they posted about this Syrian refugee is true, then what we are reading is that he sees Canada to be as guilty as the Government of Syria, so much for being grateful for being allowed into Canada.

Putting it bluntly, if this is how he views our nation, kick his ass out of our country for being so ungrateful.

It’s also time to put an end to racism, these radial extremist under the guise of being indian, do not want a settlement, they do not want a collaboration between First Nations and those who are not aboriginal by birth, they are far to lazy to get a job and support their kids, they are in it for themselves, because they burned the bridges of being participants in community.

I have always loved and respected our First Nations, but its time these hoodums stopped hiding behind aboriginals skirts, to get away with keeping racism alive.

Even the red dress campaign has nothing to do with caring about murdered women, it has everything to do with hating Canadians. The red dress campaign is just another form of harassment, and should be treated as harassment. Man camps no longer exist, look at all the camps in Northern British Columbia, they are full of both men and women inclusive of hundreds of local aboriginal men and women.

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