Coastal Gaslink Pipeline VS Huson

After reading the transcript, even I found it to be an eye opening document, there are many truths revealed within this document its hard to believe a few disgruntled citizens could have created such a deplorable mess and tarnish the relationships of the Wet’suwet’en people and the citizens of the Bulkley Valley. Rather than another opinion peice we thought it best you get to read the actual words of the judgment. Do not let its size stop you from reading it, as in its whole we can see that even a slow justice system, the resolution shows both the injustice committed as well as the verdict by the Honorable Madame Justice Church.


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  1. Do the “Hereditary Chiefs” not see it as horribly hypocritical to make a speech banning development and progress associated with a gas pipeline, and after finishing, go to a Band building, open a glass and metal insulated door and walk into a building heated by either the very natural gas or propane he is banning, lighted by fluorescent lights, probably to make a call on a land-line or cell phone. Would that call be to have someone pick him up in a car or truck, possibly to drive him to a clinic or grocery store or to pick up a grandchild from school? Will that vehicle travel on a ROAD using gas or diesel? Hypocrites.

    If they don’t want stuff like that, Canada is not going to force it on them. Canada is a free country and if they choose to live in the bush at 30 below, they are quite free to do so. They will not be forced to live in the comfort provided by resources made available to mankind by Mother Earth.

  2. Interesting read. Thank you for posting this. Page 37 section 165 seems to indicate that the Judge feels the protesters are also in violation of Wet’suwet’en law by blocking the roads and bridges.

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