Unist’ot’en Environment Site Assessment Scam

There is no shame among people who have no scruples, the following is my rant about what I saw there recently.

This is hardly an article, its more of a rant, about how rules apply based on what role you play in the grand scheme of things. If you have a lot of money, or investors money, you become the target of people who want everything and will protest projects to death unless they are handed free access to an endless bank account. The insanity must come to a stop, the problem is we have a goverment that encourages people to protest, encourages people not to work, encourages people to break the law, so whose fault is it really?

So we have ourselves to blame, we need to wake up and see we cannot afford to have the NDP running our province as they are more a  wrecking ball gone loose than a government working towards building a province that can move forward as equal humans or equal races. The Federal Liberals are not much different and they certainly are not any better than the Federal NDP.

OK now I am way off topic.

Why am I ranting? Well you know how much press and protest was made in regards to environment site assessment for CGL, not to forget how Freda and Warner William also known as Chief Knedebeas, the man who made his fortune working as a contractor for Canfor Corporation out of Houston. Let’s also take note that no environment site assessments were done on sites that Warner William logged in the Morice River Road area, the same area logged by Adam Gagnon, who later called it white mans moonscape of their territory.

OK off track again with my rant.

You see this next picture is worth a thousand words about how this could never happen without the OIL and GAS industry.


This backhoe is courtesy of Warner William). Chief Knedebeas

OK don’t leave yet, this is what they did with it, without any need for an “Environment Site Assessment.”
See the next shot, really you cannot make this stuff up, as much as it might be fun doing so.

NO Environment Site Assessment – But CGL must have one.
NO Environment Site Assessment – But CGL must have one.
NO Environment Site Assessment – But CGL must have one.


Let us not forget why they are there, to STOP Natural gas and Propane development.

You would think they hate LNG and or PROPANE its close to the same thing, but they cannot live off the land, they need every modern convenience. Again this was taken by them at the Unist’ot’en Camp.

It never ends, the double standard or the rule applies to everyone else but not to them.

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