Bulkley Valley gets a double-double shaft in dirty politics

Bulkley Valley gets a double-double shaft in dirty politics. Photo by (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Horgan dropped the election writ because the polls suggested he could win a majority. That’s it, it had nothing to do with COVID or democracy, it was case of lust for power, nothing more nothing less.

I won’t tell you, or ask you to vote for either side, because both need a kick in the proverbial ass, the people of our riding deserve better than this.

Oh, for those of you who were sleeping during the last year or so, the rest of us knew that Nathan Cullen left federal politics to go provincial, we all know he was an NDP star candidate, and did pretty damned good job of promoting environmental aspirations for those of that ideology in the Skeena—Bulkley Valley federal riding. Yes we stood shoulder to shoulder with him defending our rivers from an impending oil spill. Nathan rode the wave of our support, but over time used that to stab us all in the back, let me explain.

There was a time when he was known for listening, those days are gone, now it’s turned to dirty politics, to get into power, to defend a dying political party, despite the polls, as they say when rats abandon ship, you know it’s going to sink, so the holes left by 6 ministers jumping ship, what can you do but fill them with big names like Rankin and Cullen?

In a yesteryear Nathan was the kind of man who would have graciously stepped aside, he would have kept his integrity intact, and stood on party principals and would have put his full weight behind Annita McPhee. Now enter the era of double dirty.

And recall his most famous act? The tanker moratorium? Well guess what, every day tankers still go up and down the BC Coastline, the only thing Cullen’s famous moratorium did is stopping BC from loading it on tankers in the north, it did NOTHING to stop tankers off the BC Coast so the Americans ended up with 100% of what could have been OUR business.

I have a confession to make, I obtained a membership card to the NDP and voted for Nathan and his bid to become leader of the NDP. I had, let me underline had, a lot of respect for Nathan back then. We were led to believe that should we get a broken pipeline, we would never see salmon in our rivers again. Oh how history can make fools of us, we added zero pipelines and holy smokes, where did all the salmon go?

Have you seen a man by the name of Nathan Cullen out there fighting tooth and nail to save our precious disappearing salmon? NO but we did hear he took over 100 Thousand dollars from Horgan to negotiate with donuts at roadblocks. Wow, and you wonder where Nathan is going to get the money needed to kick Annita McPhee in the teeth and send her packing?

Time out for a second, have a look at the background of both Annita McPhee and Nathan Cullen, who of the two is more qualified to deal with aboriginals in dispute, you know the hooligans up behind Houston? Annita was the only one qualified with a history of successful aboriginal negotiations.

Then consider that Cullen took the money (over hundred thousand), quit the job (contract), just as Murray Rankin did, here we have tax payers money handed over to two star candidates, under the same false flag, so they would have lots of cash to assure them victories in their riding’s.

We could have blamed it on the pipelines, only we said no to pipelines and yes to salmon, and lost both!

So where have all the salmon gone? Oh wait, Nathan has more important things on his mind.

More recently we had an opportunity to have a pipeline that would never hurt salmon as LNG cannot spill into pristine waters, the air maybe but never our lakes, creeks or rivers, so a dozen or so hooligans told aboriginal elders that we were going to lose their traditional way of life, and they made life hell for all First Nations and what does Nathan do? He brings them donuts after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled they were in violation of a court injunction.

Kind of fitting in today’s world where we make heroes out of criminals, and Nathan stands up for the people of the Bulkley Valley? To hell he did, he turned his back on all of us, both to aboriginals and to the residents of the Bulkley Valley.

Well we all know that Horgan is on a short string, if he loses the next election, guess who will make a bid for the leadership of the NDP?

No permits, this is a 100% illegal building without any building inspection, fed by an illegal waterline, that was buried right into the Morice River, with the full knowledge of Doug Donaldson and Horgan. This is a building created to house illegal protestors from around the world.

I can give you 101 reasons why Doug Donaldson would make my list of worst cabinet ministers the NDP has ever had, but I will spare you, and only remind you of a few. The law says nobody can build on crown land without consent, and all building must comply with the building codes of BC. Ok here goes, UNLESS you’re an environmentalist breaking the law, then you get donuts from Tim Hortons.


The law says you cannot run heavy machinery into a salmon bearing river or stream, UNLESS  you’re an environmentalist breaking the law, then you get donuts from Tim Hortons.

Then you have his “lets kill off mother moose” so we can make money selling moose tags, and how dare you kill a grizzly, even if they become overpopulated and game wardens have to kill some due to threats to society.

Seriously they should never have let Doug go outside of city boundaries as he has no clue as to the needs of the people up north.

SO DOUG RETIRES – Goodbye, thanks for quitting. Only was he quitting or standing aside for Nathan Cullen? Annita McPhee was NEVER a consideration, was she?


Former Tahltan Central Council President Annita McPhee – Photo credits to CFNR Network Jeff Blagden


OK now according to NDP rules (after all its why I bought a membership) the rules stated. “Under the BC NDP Equity Mandate, when MLAs who self-identify as male retire, the party requires that the next nominee be a member of an equity-seeking group, such as an Indigenous person or a woman,”

So it was a no brainer that the same woman who did quite well against Taylor Bachrach decided to once again run for the NDP this time in a provincial race. However the executives of the provincial wing had other plans, they needed Nathan Cullen.

So here we are as members with a load of bullshit in the feeding trough, not a damned shred of evidence to back up their claims, hearsay evidence, without a list of those who heard say. Here it is, I am so done with the NDP my membership card us heading for the paper shredder.

LIES LIES and MORE LIES from Megan Olson, president of the Stikine B.C. NDP Riding Association

“In the aftermath of the 2019 federal NDP nomination in Skeena, Annita McPhee made it clear to many members that she never again wanted to be associated with the NDP. As such she was not approached for our search,” Megan Olson, president of the Stikine B.C. NDP Riding Association, said in a statement.

OK that said I can tell you that short of stepping aside and doing the honourable thing, I would never vote for someone with so little respect and is so full of manipulation. The membership of the Stikine Riding were denied the right to pick their representative in the legislature, a denial of democracy, almost as bad as denying us the right to vote, but legally skirting around the law.


Now that brings bme around to the Liberals, and for exactly that reason I am mad as hell at them also. They have had years to call meetings in the Stikine Riding, what did they do? They ignored those who asked and instead allowed people outside of our riding to choose who our candidate would be. Disgusting, so horribly anti-democratic, to defraud our citizens out of a candidate of our choosing.

Let me rant here a bit more Andrew Wilkinson, do you know what kind of slap in the face message you gave when you did not bother to tell the membership, but instead chose to release it so we could find out from the press? You bet we are mad as hell, you do not deserve our vote, and if you do get it, it will be a vote for jobs, not stupid politicians.

That said nothing against you Gordon Sebastian, sad that no members of our riding ever got to hear you speak, sad that we were not worth having a meeting for interested Liberal members. Sad that we were denied a choice, so I throw this out to you? Will you call a meeting to bring all liberals to the table in our riding and convince them you are the man to do the job?

That said there is one more issue I want to bring up, maybe someone else can do the research, was it the NDP in a hate on against the citizens of the Bulkley Valley to remove us from our own riding. Bulkley Valley-Stikine was a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada from 1991 to 2009, what happened?


Why were 37,896 people dropped in favour of 740 people living in the Stikine? Our riding became known as just the Stikine during the tenure of the NDP and Doug Donaldson.

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  1. Never understood the love for Cullen. Years on a 3rd string party in Ottawa. Little to show for it and he was totally responsible for the failure of electoral reform. Trudeau gave him a simple task and thorougly screwed it up by not following any of his instructions. He single handidly destroyed any chance of electoral reform for the next 20 years.

    He doesn’t take enough heat for that at all.

    • I never took Mr. Trudeau’s promise of electoral reform seriously, and I don’t know why anyone would given that they stated, from the beginning, that any formula for electoral reform would not be put to a nationwide referendum for approval by the very electorate it would affect. If Nathan Cullen was involved that would explain much, the Liberal minister in charge at the time wasn’t exactly that sharp either. I have many disagreements with the Horgan NDP but they at least did put several options for reform to a referendum, unfortunately some were so ungainly, or convoluted, that not one achieved a clear majority, so the F.P.T.P system became the default.

  2. Nathan Cullen running for the NDP is one of the reasons that people dont like politicians. He made over 200K a year in Ottawa, was taking 100K in pension/year, selling the people of the Bulkley Valley out by giving non elected representatives everything they want for another 100 K/year, now he wants to run for the provincial party to pull in another 100K/year with the chance of getting a provincial gold plated pension to go along with this federal pension, so he will get over 200K/year in pensions if elected ( and this riding is so NDP the only way he could lose would be to say publicly that this riding will be given to the office of the Wet’sutwet’en to govern as they see fit and that all the non native population would have to give up their property in the transfer).

    Add on to the fact he is against any industry except for hunter-gatherer and service industry work and it makes me shake my head that we will vote him in with a landslide

    • It depends on if he served at least five years, which I believe he did, but to collect that pension they now have to be over 65, unless the Federal Libranos changed it back. So no he can’t double dip by collecting a pension as an M.P, as he is not yet 65, and a provincial MLA salary, however I think they can collect both an MP and an MLA pension once they qualify. I’m not defending Mr. Cullen here, just stating the facts about M.P pensions, I think the world would be a much better place with fewer of his kind around.

  3. This is one of the reasons why I will not, and have never supported either the NDP, nor the B.C Liberano party, nor the B.C Greens since they helped the prior achieve power. All three are packs of swamp rats, Ottawa, and Victoria are different swamps from Washington D.C, but they are infested with the same sort of self serving, situational “woke”, globalist opportunists just the same. This is why they arrest orthodox Jews in New York for their protests, but won’t charge, nor jail rioters from Antifa. This is why the B.C Libranos cancelled a candidate, and current MLA, because of his views on a sex ed curriculum being taught to elementary school children, but held onto a convicted drunk driver as party leader. I would suggest to anyone reading this blog to consider voting for alternatives to these three parties, B.C Conservatives, Christian Heritage, an independent, or even a Marxist-Leninist party candidate (at least they are honest about what they are), whichever one has the best chance of diverting votes away from the swamp candidates, if not winning.

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