Dinï’ze, Tsakë’ze and Skiy’ze – Self-righteous Indignation

Rebel Flag on Smithers Main Street

Hiding behind their feast hall names, speak out (meaning a press statement) to display their anger at the appearance of a “Rebel Flag” on Smithers Main Street.

I was not even going to get into this pre- Halloween prank pulled off by someone in the community, however I am much more concerned over how racism is being used to hide racism by the very voices we are hearing from regarding this flag.

“I find no reason to believe that the residents of Smithers would support such an idiotic act, we are building a better relationship for the sake of our children. Collectively, as a community, we condemn this cowardly act,” said Chief Woos

From the statement  published by Wet’suwet’en Dinï’ze and Tsakë’ze
“The confederate flag is widely known as a symbolof white supremacy, the oppression of people of color, and as a symbol of hate. These kinds of racist acts are not acceptable and add further harm to our families’ wellbeing, especially the wellbeing of our children. We urgently ask for the public assistance to help identify who placed the flag and they be held accountable for their actions.”

Remember Chief Woos in real life is Frank Alec, who was appointed not by the Grizzly House but by the Office of Wet’suwet’en, and in complete contradiction to traditional Wet’suwet’en laws, Darlene Glaim was stripped of her title, not for murder, not for rape, not for theft, but for having the guts to stand up against John Ridsdale who hides behind the name Chief Namoks on the issue of approving a deal with CGL.

All of this anger against racism? Really?

Then you have Nathan Cullen who was just paid over 100 Thousand dollars to negotiate with this same group of chiefs. Oh my what a connection, and without his switch to provincial politics, and handpicked Mr. Bachrach to take over the Federal seat.

(It’s all about connections and lining other members pockets)

Now we get to the crux of this editorial, the self-righteous indignation by community leaders (what a farce) all because they care so much about

This symbol of hate and white supremacy has no place in our communities.” says Taylor Bachrach

From their opinion piece in the Interior News

“The Confederate flag is a specific symbol with a specific history. It’s not only connected with the Confederate States’ battle during the American Civil War to protect their ability to own Black slaves, but also reappeared as a prominent symbol of white supremacists who organized throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s to oppose civil rights for African Americans.”

Now the million dollar question


All this concern about racism, about white supremacists, really?


Now go over the list of names of all those grand standing on the flag issue and ask

“ Where the hell were they when “white privilege” booted an aboriginal Annita McPhee to the curb. Not one of them spoke out in opposition to “white privilege” when it comes to untouchables like Nathan Cullen.

Where was the Office of the Wet’suwet’en, when another First Nations woman was running for office? Oh, maybe that was the problem, she was a woman? You would think the Office of the Wet’suwet’en would have been all over the NDP for not standing behind their own rules to allow a First Nations member to run as a representative for our riding.

The Liberals have now 3 representatives from First Nations running in the north here, the NDP have only 2 candidates both with a very slim chance to win those ridings. In politics this is often referred to as sacrificial lambs. Anne Marie Sam for Nechako Lakes, even though she resides in Vancouver. This was one of the excuses Cullen supporters used against Annita Mcphee, its the exact same issue, more NDP double standard. Also consider that there is very little chance that she will defeat BC Liberal incumbent John Rustad who has held the seat and its predecessor Prince George-Omineca since 2005. In the last two elections, Rustad came close to defeating his NDP opponent by a two-to-one margin.  Then there is  Nicole Halbauer who is also First Nations going up against the Liberal incumbent Ellis Ross, also with little hope of winning the seat. The NDP’s best chance would have been Annita McPhee, but they chose white privilege instead.

Next comes the question will the Office of Wet’suwet’en stand with one of their own Gordon Sebastian, Gitxsan Hereditary Chief and lawyer, or with white privilege? Much will be telling in who they stand behind. My bet is they will have tight lips on this one.

Oh yes there is problem with racism, the “Rebel Flag” is their perfect distraction from that issue, if we are going to get real about racism, then ask why a woman who qualified for the NDP to run against “white privilege” Taylor Bachrach, then fails to qualify in the rush by Horgan to insure nobody contests Nathan Cullen, more white privilege, when NDP policy was very clear.

“Under the BC NDP Equity Mandate, when MLAs who self-identify as male retire, the party requires that the next nominee be a member of an equity-seeking group, such as an Indigenous person or a woman,”

Then like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the NDP from top down now have 3 different reasons why they disqualified Annita Mcphee, they cannot even get on the same page to argue why they ditched her over white privilege.

And now you want me to believe they care about a “Rebel Flag”?






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