The price we pay for having an NDP goverment

The price we pay for having an NDP goverment

More turmoil faced by residents of the north, who are held hostage to this this kind of abusive tactics by people who simply live on hate. Its questionable if they are even all local or not, they are taking full advantage of the COVID masks to hide their identity.

Notice the “Fuck the police” sign, what kind of respectful human would do that? This is humans degrading society to the trash level, the police are there for them as well as the rest of us. What else would prevent angry individuals from shooting the place up? They continuously forget the protection police do provide everyone there, yet look at the verbal abuse police have to deal with.

Then when police arrest anyone of (one side) then they are accused of racial profiling. If you want to understand where racism comes from, its this kind of behaviour that fuels the fire.

The NDP continue to refuse to get a Supreme Court injunction to put an end to road blocks on British Columbia highways and side roads.

Police did attend and they did get traffic rolling again, this incident took place in the early evening of October 10th 2020 at Hazelton B.C.

Yet another PR stunt by hooligans that contribute nothing but grief to society, we need a government who will protect all citizens, not just a belligerent few taking the law into their own hands, while simultaneously living off the wallets of the public and band counsel funding.

This was NOT endorsed by local band councils or by the Herditary Chiefs, they are just a group of radical hoodlums.


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  1. Ironically, the police are the only reason people don’t take the law into their own hands when confronted with these roadblocks. Each and every one of these ‘protestors’ should write a thank you letter to the local police station. F the police indeed.

    • It’s the same mindset as BLM and Antifa, if the cops were not there they would be mowed down by traffic, in short order. As a sad side note regarding BLM, in any place where local, or state governments, followed their horrible advice to defund the police, the murder rates have skyrocketed resulting in the deaths of many more innocent black people. Like the blockades mentioned in this blog, the puppet masters are far left white activists funded by white billionaires.

  2. These are the same people who dont want outsiders to visit the villages as they may transmit COVID and they are out on the highway potentially receiving COVID. Headshake. Looked like they were protesting anything and everything

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