Use our minds or our hearts by Wun Feather

Use our minds or our hearts by Wun Feather

Dec 23 2020

Our Elders have always said that when we are speaking to others we must choose whether to use our minds or our hearts.

Our minds are there to give us the power to solve our problems..
And our hearts, which are more connected to the creator, are used to show compassion and understanding.
When I accidentally tuned in to a mainstream media channel and saw this guy on TV, I stopped scrolling long enough to watch what he had to say.
I didn’t really listen to him because I could tell that everything he was saying was rehearsed.
Many people will laugh when they read this, but those of us who have experienced what it is like to hear an Elder speak will agree with me.
We have a tendency to repeat ourselves.
Most people think to themselves: “Here we go again!”
Elders go on and on and on…
But, the reason Elders do that, is because what they are saying to you is coming directly from their hearts.
They have not had hours and hours to prepare speeches and rehearse what they are going to say to you.
When an Elder speaks, sometimes they make a few mistakes.
Sometimes they repeat themselves, and sometimes they loose track of their main point because all of their life experiences conglomerate and they have to sort out, or disseminate the information in their brains in order for the thoughts to flow from their hearts .
This #JustinTrudeau guy thinks that by rehearsing everything he has to say, and by having all the media questions pre-sent to him ahead of time, that he comes across as intelligent.
But the opposite happens.
Those of us watching him speak, can tell right away that he is just reading rehearsed lines.
He is using his brain to try to solve problems instead of speaking to us from his heart..
The problem is that his brain does not have very many life experiences to draw from, and so his thoughts are empty.
He can only repeat what others have told him to say.
He is not sincere.
Sadly, some Canadians cannot see through the charade.
As much as we have made fun of him in the past for saying “Uhm” and “Awe” before he spoke, that Justin Trudeau was more sincere.
This one is just a verbal marionette.

I wonder who is controlling his strings?

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