Medical concerns or underhanded environmentalism?

Medical concerns or underhanded environmentalism?

Above Photo (Josette Weir and David Bowering)

Responding to an letter posted in the Interior News, the first thoughts that cross my mind is the old adage “what was left unsaid speaks much louder than what was said”.  For many decades now we have been living with a local environmentalist who fully understands the art of manipulating people. Tactful writing without disclosing your real intentions and making it look like you are being charitable for a good cause. That works on people who think you are just another local concerned citizen writing in a local newspaper, but it does not change the fact that when you spend all of your spare time interfering in other peoples lives, while you sit back on easy street, it does not matter how many people go bankrupt thanks to your efforts, you will largely remain among those who will never suffer from your actions.

I am referring to a letter written by Josette Weir (Hazelton) Even though she also claims to live in Smithers on a 180 acre farm the reference to Hazelton must mean she is now living with David Bowering (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). The article I refer to is Handling of industrial work camps unsatisfactory. with a sub caption of “Letter writer says it is time to shut down the camps altogether”

Let me steal a large quote from that letter. Keeping in mind that a very large portion of these workers are residents of Witset and surrounding aboriginal communities.

“Northern Health reassured us they were satisfied with the camps’ protection measures and were monitoring the situation. Obvious signs of contamination started over a month ago and it is sad to note that Dr. Bonnie Henry’s order only came Jan. 3, way too late and is only a feeble attempt to deal with the issue. Reducing work camps to 400 can hardly be seen as a valid protection measure. No data is given to support this magic number and even less for the six week duration of the order.

If we really care for our health and everybody’s health, we need to stand up to those political pressures and demand a complete closure of those camps.

Politicians look at the north as an industrial sacrificial zone. Let us show them we have no intention of being the sacrificial people of those senseless projects which do not even make economical sense.”


Local Facebook reaction to this letter.


Before we go on lets look at who Jossete Wier really is


“an independent not funded intervenor” means you must be independently so wealthy you will never suffer the consequences people around her will.”

Now I want to tell our readers I really do not mind diverse opinions and sharing of ideas, but what really gets me is when someone immigrates to Canada, never needs to apply for a job due to being independently wealthy, does not need to earn money from either her Guest House or her farm,  and makes life living hell for neighbors.

They used chemicals to deal with problematic weeds and Josette took it on herself to fight her neighbors over chemical over-spray, the possibility that some might cross her fence and effect the land she really does not even farm. “Dr. Josette Wier, a doctor and an activist against pesticides, was born in France. She is 68 years old. She has a 120 Acre plot at Smithers, northern BC. She wishes to plant organic grain there, but has not managed the economics of it yet, so presently leases the land for hay. She does not earn anything from it – but gives the hay away freely.” (this was 2015)

Its 2021 now and she never made a dime on a large farm acreage (money can do that) and stop your neighbors from earning a decent living, for a farmer this can be called living beside a nightmare.

All of these claims about planting never happened, but it made life a lot more expensive for her neighbors. Seriously this is the kind of immigrants we would be better of not having. Now she has joined her accomplice in Hazelton, and I have no idea what happened to Peter the pilot, the man she was originally married to. As for her farming neighbors the question is what did she take away from them, compared to what she did for them, are they better off now that before? Now she moved on more wine and cheese walking away from another loss to the people around her.

Caring for the Wet’suwet’en people, or manipulating them before popping the cork on another celebrated bottle of wine?

Now when you have assets that run into the millions, you do not work for a living, you spend your life trying to stop jobs for the people of the Bulkley Valley, not to mention how she and David Bowering pit First Nations against industry, and when industry does pull out, they could not care less about how aboriginals suffer for water, housing or food, while they celebrate with cheese and 100 dollar bottles of wine.

Now that the Northern Gateway is dead (recall it was all about protecting aboriginal rights, just like now its all about protecting aboriginals from COVID) the bitter truth is she contributed nothing to alleviate against all the lost jobs, the poverty that ensued for lack of jobs, the rates of drug and alcohol go up, and she can pop another 100 bottle of wine while others mourn the loss of family due to suicide. Yes the lack of income these projects would have safely provided have resulted in a whole lot of death and misery for the people of Witset.

With all her wealth has she ever invited members of the Witset community to come and enjoy some time on her luxury acreage?

Right now CGL is the number one project that is injecting wealth into Witset, as a result, of the wealth generated there are now more jobs, more infrastucture, more health care more education and a lot less grief stricken families, jobs result in better mental health as people are proud to provide for family and community, now Josette Weir and David Bowering wants to take that all away under the disguise of protecting Witset from COVID.

 In the end these rich environmentalists simply walk away leaving poverty and joblessness in their wake.

Lets stay real about who cares and what they really care about.

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  1. People like her are disgusting. She’s a self-centered centered self serving jerk that has a sense of personal entertainment that would make it hard for her to fit her head through a doorway. And the guy she’s shocked up with is no better.

  2. Well looks like the leaf lickers got a win. PHO from what I read is allowing only 400 workers on the CGL pipeline. 670km÷400 people = social distancing of 1.675km. Touch more than 6 ft lol.

  3. Thank you for posting this, and referencing her letter to the editor of the Interior News: “Josette Weir believes the Imperial Metals presentation in Smithers was shamefully biased.” I was the Chief Scientific Officer and VP Environmental Affairs for Imperial Metals at the time and made that presentation she referred to. Josette did not attend my presentation, or the public lecture I gave in Smithers the night before. It is too bad that she did not take the opportunity to meet me and ask me questions as she unfortunately cites several pieces of incorrect information in her letter. It seems to me that it is often the case that accusations like this of “shameful bias” reflect the accuser’s attitude more than that of the person who has been accused.

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