BC Tanker Ban – Videos by Aaron Gunn

BC Tanker Ban – Videos by Aaron Gunn

Introduction:  Mostly I do not promote other peoples work, the exception to the rule is when they have presented material that is extremely valuable or informative to the people of our communities here in the north. Here is another video by Aaron Gunn that needs to be part of the collection of articles on this website, dedicated to protecting our way of life here in Northern British Columbia. When we promoted the first two videos we had no idea there would be more that directly involves us locally.

Originally in an attempt to block Northern Gateway a group of people come up with the idea to kill the project by having a tanker ban on the inside coast (not the outside coast) that would only stop Canada from shipping out oil. Most local residents fell for the narratives provided by Nathan Cullen, and the Sierra Club thanks to a multi million dollar propaganda campaign funded by the Tides Foundation, who in turn is helping make the USA the number one oil exporter in the world.  Keep in mind a lot has changed since that time, the world has seen a ton of innovations since that time, what used to be risks, are no longer such.

This tanker ban has allowed the United States to move into the position of number one oil producer in the world, thanks to the efforts of  Nathan Cullen who conspired with the Tides Foundation to cut Canada out of the oil market.

This tanker ban has allowed the United States to move into the position of number one oil producer in the world.

But this is not my turn to tell the story, I turn it over to the excellent production, research and words by a man a generation younger than me, does an excellent job of explaining the truth about this tanker ban. Please take the time to watch this video.  “The truth will set you free, stop letting the NDP (Taylor Bachrach and Nathan Cullen) bask in the lies and deceit that has become part of breaking Canada apart.

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