Cancelling the KeystoneXL by WunFeather

Cancelling the KeystoneXL by WunFeather
Jan 21 2021
Hey friends!
Most people like to read posts that have nice photos in them, so I included these for you.
I will explain what they are in a few moments.
But before I do that, I just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention, that on his very first day of office #JoeBiden has done more damage to the relationship between #Canada and the USA than #President #Trump did in his entire four years of office.
Not only has he driven an economic wedge between our countries, but with one shakey stroke of his pen, he has destroyed thousands and thousands of jobs for hard working Americans and their Canadian counterparts.
By cancelling the #KeystoneXL expansion project, he has actually created opportunities for Russia, Venezuela and other countries, who will see a significant increase in their exports of fossil fuels to the United States.
While more and more Canadian trains and tanker trucks scramble to meet the US demand for oil, over 3000 construction jobs will be lost.
More than 40,000 indirect service provider jobs also came to a standstill on Joe’s first day!
But enough about that.
Let’s get back to the pretty pictures.
The first one shows the #Green right of ways that are built for #Electrical Energy.
While so many protesters are against other right of ways, I often wonder if they have ever considered the health risks associated with the electromagnetic field that High Voltage Power Lines emit.
Photo number two is your typical interstate highway.
You know the ones?
The highways and byways that people travel from home to work every single day.
Regardless of the fuel or energy that the cars and trucks utilize, those massive tracks that run east and west, south and north across North America, still need to be built, maintained and expanded on.
Even if every single vehicle in the world ran on clean energy, there still needs to be a right lane and a left lane even though some people never get out of the way.
Photo number three is a pipeline right of way.
You can tell the difference between them and the electrical power line right of ways, because you can take nice photos without all the massive power poles and cables being in your view.
And photo number four?
That is the right of way that lets all of us know whether we are in Canada or the United States.
Yes. You can pretty much see it from any airplane if you ever get to fly anywhere again.
That is one of the longest, if not the greatest undefended borders in the world.
But Joe Biden does not seem to respect the relationship between our two countries.
And right now, we do not have a person strong enough in our leadership role to stand up for us.
If you like what I have to say, feel free to share it.
I know that even the fact checkers will have difficulty finding anything I have said untrue or out of context.

In the meantime, I sincerely hope that a Canadian who has way more political clout than I do will step forward for the hard working taxpayers who are once again victims of Liberal and Democrat governments.

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