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Feb 17th 2021

This post may be a year old already, but I still feel the same way.

I still have a few people bad-mouthing me on social media because I have such a deep regard for the working people who contribute to society.
I noticed that it is the ones who get a paycheck from the government every month who seem to complain the most about us working folks.

They obviously have no idea where the money they spend comes from!

I have had a few nasty messages that suggest I am not the real deal.
They suggest that I am some kind of sell out, or that I am an Apple (Red on the outside and white on the inside).
Let’s be completely honest about the majority of people’s romantic vision of what an Indian is.
In particular, the left leaning, Liberal, social Justice Warriors visualize all of us Indian men completely naked except for a loincloth riding a magnificent stallion on the plains.
Our long hair is blowing in the wind and we hold a long sharp spear high in the air and we chase down a herd of buffalo for dinner.
A bald eagle is soaring above us, and our pet wolf is running by our side.
You can probably see that image in your eyes because all of our lives, Hollywood has painted that picture for you.
The mass majority of people would never say anything negative about an Indian guy like me as long as I am living a minimalist life style as a keeper of the land.
Wouldn’t it be great if we just learned our place in society and stayed that way??
No one would ever argue that we were authentic!
And I am saying this straight out.
Liberal, or Conservative, whatever your ideology is, you can accept me like that.
But what about my people who do not want to be called Indians?
I totally respect that.
The name has a few negative connotations associated with it, and so let’s call ourselves Indigenous.
And what about my people who do not ride horses, or chase buffalo, or eat meat for that matter?
What about them?
Are they no longer “real”?
What about the Indigenous people who buy their groceries at Sobeys and stop at Starbucks for a Latte?
Are they no longer authentic?
And here my friends is the question that I need to ask.
What about all the Indigenous people who want to work for a living?
What about the ones who strive to become educated and learn a skillset or a trade?
What about the ones who want a paycheck every two weeks so they can provide for their loved ones?
From my very first sentence to where we are right now in this post, when did the Indian part of the person leave their body??
Because so many of us want more out of life, are we no longer Indians??
What gives anyone the right to stop us from becoming integral with Canadian Resource development?
Instead of riding half naked on a paint horse, why can’t I have a job running a chainsaw on a pipeline right of way?
Instead of spearing a buffalo, why can’t I be one of the survey crew, or one of the equipment operators?
Does that take the Indian out of me?
If you listen to the protesters, it sure does!
It is about time for people like me to speak out.
What the hard working Canadian Taxpayer needs to know, is that the majority of us Indigenous people are just like they are.
We want to go to work just like they do.
We want to be gainfully employed in whatever sector we choose, without the impediments of these “Do-Gooder” SJW standing in our way.
At this juncture in my life, I do not care if being educated, being employed, or wanting more out of life causes a few stragglers to call me a “Colonialist” or an “Apple”.
Obviously, calling me names gives them a sense of accomplishment.
Working for a living along side my fellow Canadians is what does it for me.
And rest assured, there are many nations along the pipeline route who embrace what this opportunity has to offer.
Not only are they excited about jobs, but they can sit at the negotiating table and ask for financial assistance to build homes.
Financial assistance to build water treatment facilities so the communities have fresh water!
These things cost a lot of money that the bands don’t have right now.
What the protesters are not understanding is that while they get to grab a nice Latte on their way to work on the protest line, many of my people do not even have five bucks in their pockets to spend on a latte.
I forgot.
If I want to remain an Indian in their eyes, I should only drink muskeg tea and chew on rat roots.

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