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Feb 23 2021

There was a time when young people like me went to school to learn how to learn.
I remember in 1966 when my dad was my teacher.
I handed in an arithmetic test.
All the answers were correct, but I did not show him how I came up with the answers, and so my dad gave me a zero.
What does this have to do with anything, you may ask?
Being able to determine the truth is significantly more important than someone telling you what to believe.
How you determine the truth is even more important than the truth itself.
55 years later, the majority of people have not been taught how to think for themselves.
I say that with certainty because people like #JustinTrudeau have become Prime Minister with absolutely no merit whatsoever.
How could voters chose him as the answer without seeing the work he had never done??
You can blame Harper all you want, and suggest that he is the reason we have a Federal Liberal party destroying our country right now, but that idea defies logic.
In a country of 30+ million people, how did someone who has never done anything of value ever become our leader?
I can tell you why.
The Mainstream Media, our school system and social media made him out to be some sort of supernatural being, and people who were easily lead by the system found him relatable, and cast their votes.
Thanks for following me this far.
What I am about to say is highly controversial, and is going to make people on both sides of the political spectrum angry.
I suggest that if a federal election was called today, Justin Trudeau would easily beat the Conservative party leader.
That is because a high percentage of people would vote for him.
They see Trudeau as a young pot smoking fellow who lives in a home paid by taxpayers, who only pokes his head outdoors once or twice per day to recite predetermined questions from the media.
They can relate with someone else doing all the work for him.
His speaking notes, his answers, and his comments are all done by paid handlers.
They do not relate with the current Conservative party leader.
To many voting aged people, he looks like he has been in politics all his life.
Take a close look at the people who are going to vote Liberal during our next election, and then take a close look at the leader of the Conservative party.
Do you see any commonality?
Is he relatable?
Does he have any attributes that would attract people who prefer government handouts to working for a living?
Sorry, but I don’t think so.
As it stands right now, the people who would vote for the leader of the Federal Conservative party, are people like me.
People who love our country.
People who are deeply saddened to see Canada rapidly becoming a third world country desperately in debt, with no end to the spending in sight.
But people like me are not the ones who the Federal Conservative party need to recruit.
I am already committed to giving them my vote.
That is because my father taught me that seeing the work is more important than the final answer.
Like it or not, we Conservatives need to become more relatable to the ones who are going to determine the future of our country.
They are beginning to outnumber us, and their criteria for choosing a leader is significantly different than ours has always been.


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