Adam Gagnon seizing Coastal Gaslink Excavators

Adam Gagnon seizing Coastal Gaslink Excavators

Updated: Oct 19th 2021 see addendum

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Taking the law into his own hand Adam Gagnon thinks he is above the law or is the law unto himself, you watch, where he proudly incriminates himself. Adam has a history of breaking the law so he should feel at home in this case. Adam Gagnon likes to hide his french Canadian background by using the chiefs name Dsta’hyl.

Recall the highly respected Henry Alfred? There was so much praise for his part in the Delgamuukw, in fact Adam loves to use the name of Henry Alfred, yet cleverly hides the following information for fear too many Wet’suwet’en will figure out he is a fraud, the true head of the Owl house is Barb Wilson. Do not ever forget Henry Alfred spoke at a smoke feast and his words were as follows.

“Alphonse is not the chief of Owl house as he is holding a Sun house name as is Adam : They were told by hereditary chief Henry Alfred that they were merely holding those names until Gloria’s family are ready to take those names”

So what gives Adam any rights at all on land that belongs to the Sun House? The Sun House hotly opposes the actions of Adam Gagnon and his goon squad. See Parrot Lakes Recreation Site – No Free Prior and Informed Consent

Proof Adam is from the Owl House and not the Sun House (note we whited out the birth dates) This was submitted as evidence in the Delgamuukw land claims trial. This is also evidence that Warner Naziel is a wing chief of the Owl House and cannot possibly be the Hereditary Chief of the Sun House.


These guys are con artists, scammers who fool the world, because so few know the legitimacy of Wet’suwet’en history. (sorry we exposed the truth you wish to hide)

Lillian Wilson is using the name Chief Tse’besa, its questionable if she is even of the correct lineage, never mind using the proper protocol in acquiring a name, when was that ever done? Is this yet another blanket theft?

The name Tse’besa belongs to the “Sun house”, Lillian is from the “Owl house”, in a matrilineal system you get your name from the owl house, you don’t take a name, they are given at a feast. When did that feast take place? There is lots of video footage showing her breach the injunction with an air of arrogant authority in that footage.

As for respectful what a rude display by yet another fake chief at the Parrot Lake site, its not Owl House territory, its Sun House territory.

CGL Worker vs. Chief Tse’besa from Anton Bueckert on Vimeo.

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Addendum: Self explanatory.

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Addendum: Both Adam and Warner have been tweeting false information.

False information

Adam found the excavators where they were, because they had completed their work there and were to be moved to the next segment of the pipeline, the move was merely a routine move to the next portion of the line. So it begs what really happened when police arrived? What is Adam trying to cover up?

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  1. Not sure which article to post this on but here goes.i am a white colonist and agree we had some big screw ups in bc . I want to rant forever about all the crap these idiots are doing . But on this day take pause. We all whites natives east Indian and any other colonist that came to bc or Canada fought to defeat Hitler. If he won the war how you think you’d be? Gone is my guess. He not care what you think you have rights to. If not blond hair blues eyes . Bullet and goodbye. Just sad that pro protesters and fools can cause so many thankful for what you have its because of many people you never know that died to give you the right to be an idiot.

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