John Ridsdale got a suspended sentence & probation of three years.

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Early reports indicate John Ridsdale will now have a criminal record, and probation for 3 years. John cannot possess firearms for 5 yrs, and he has to pay restitution of $1500  to the victim Liz George. He must also pay the New Hazelton police detachment $525 dollars to cover the veterinarian bill that was paid by the detachment.

Practically speaking, a suspended sentence normally means the defendant will serve a period of probation and receive a criminal record (conviction). … Normally, individuals who receive a suspended sentence are placed on a period of probation of one to two years and have to abide by certain conditions.

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  1. I have a WHOLE lot of questions about this decision. As a woman who lives in the North how is it possible that a decision by a court made on several Federal criminal code offences allows this kind of miscarriage of justice to happen? The offender is allowed to KEEP his gun because its a family heirloom? He will be tried in a separate court? What court, by Whom? Is there a restorative Justice Program even operating in the area? This issue is TOO POLITICAL his Lawyer says? SINCE WHEN does our court base its criminal code offenses on your politics? Being called a Hereditary Chief means we have 2 systems of justice now in this Province/Country? How is this considered JUSTICE for Ms George & her family? If ya all wanna know WHY violence against women is still acceptable here’s an OBVIOUS example!

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