Rape and death cover up by Molly Wickham and Frank Alec (chief Woos)

Rape and cover up in Molly Wickham’s 44k Camp

What initially started as rumours reported to us a few months ago appear to have been confirmed as true. For obvious reason we will not confirm our sources for this breaking story, however we now have the name of the alleged victim as well as the alleged person who committed the rape at the 44 km Camp. As this is a criminal matter we advised our sources to contact the RCMP.

Here is what we know so far, a woman was raped in Molly’s camp by another one of their supporters. The woman allegedly reported the incident to Molly Wickham, who allegedly reported the incident to Frank Alec (the fake Chief Woos)

Allegedly the woman, whose name we were given, was refused financial help to get home, she lives out of province, and had to find her own way home. We understand she did return home, followed by a period of time passing, and with no consequences occurring for the alleged rapist, sadly she took her own life. (another reason we are given her privacy and not publishing her name.)

She is not the only woman who has come forward with the complaint of no help afforded when it comes to getting home after supporting the camp. Looks like the now more than 1 Million in donations is horded for themselves.

Allegedly this was also reported to Freda Huson who suggested it was a matter for Camp 44 to resolve.

Allegedly Molly Wickham and Frank Alec took the following action, they allegedly did not report it to the RCMP but instead chose to remove the man and his wife, by asking them to leave the camp. Allegedly it was decided by them to hide this information from the public as they were in the middle of their red dress campaign in regards to  MMIWG. Complicating things is he is an American married to a Canadian indigenous woman. (who continues to protest elsewhere in Canada)

Sadly the saying the dead cannot speak, makes it even harder for justice to be served, but its wrong, damned wrong, he needs to face up to what he did and the consequences it led to, likewise Molly Wickham and Frank Alec need to do the same. Its time they came forward with the truth. A young women is now dead, and they have to do the right thing now. All this talk about protecting women, standing up for those who are victims, then when it happens in their own camp, they protect the guilty men.

The primary reason we are posting this is to somehow insure something is done about the case where it appears a cover-up still remains more important than laying criminal charges against a monster.

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