The fallacy of “Land Back”

The fallacy of “Land Back”

For the life of me I do not understand why the mainstream media holds the “code of silence” on fads and trends by anarchists. The most recent fad that is being sold to First Nations is the term #Landback and it is sold as the solution for aboriginals to get on board with anarchists, on the presumption that they will get their land back, and they will be better off.


Both ideas are ludicrous at best, but what they are really hiding is that once again radical people who would prefer to live in a world of violence, there they can reek havoc something akin to what they see in movies like Beyond Thunderdome. They live in a world of fiction, and are using First Nations to achieve their goals of destroying our nation at root level. People like Franklin Lopez who runs and provides content for a string of “Antifa” websites calling for murdering police, and anyone else who disagrees. These sites even contain recipe’s for Molotov Cocktails. He created a lot of the call-out and provided a platform for the mostly white “blockade” activists.

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Franklin Lopez – Unmasked

Now he is collaborating with CBC in a new propaganda film called Yintah, while perpetuating the “Landback” theme among local radicals, led by a few self professed anarchists.

So let us examine the facts.

First know the difference between a “Status Card” carrying aboriginal and that of a “Treaty Indians” (we can include #Landback Indians)

A) “Anyone who is considered a ‘status Indian’ is eligible for programs and services offered by federal and provincial or territorial government agencies. 1Individuals who identify themselves as First Nations but are not entitled to registration on the Indian Register pursuant to the Indian Act are considered ‘Non-status Indians’.2

B) Treaty Indians are persons who belong to a First Nation or Indian band that signed a treaty with the Crown.

Those aboriginals who do not have signed agreements are not subject to the rules laid out for Treaty Indians.  Or lets say if in an alternative way, aboriginals who do NOT have a binding contract with the Goverment of Canada, have way more privileges than non aboriginals in Canada, and in many cases more privileges than the “Treaty Indians”

Non Treaty Indians are aboriginals who DID NOT sign a #Landback agreement with the Goverment of Canada.

First and foremost Non Treaty (Status Indians) have every right every single Canadian has PLUS

A) They have the right to hunt anywhere in Canada without the restrictions imposed on Treaty Indians and non-aboriginals.
B) They have the right to fish anywhere in Canada without the restrictions imposed on Treaty Indians and non-aboriginals.
C) They have the right to trap anywhere in Canada without the restrictions imposed on Treaty Indians and non-aboriginals.
D) They have the right to gathering medicines, plants, fungi, berries or roots for traditional or ceremonial purposes, without the restrictions imposed on Treaty Indians and non-aboriginals.


On the other hand those who signed a #Landback agreement also known as a Treaty, are limited to hunt, fish, trap and partake in the natural resources of our country, but only within the land they signed a #Landback agreement to.

So why on earth when you have it all would you sign an agreement to have less?




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