Frank Alec – Blockader Profile

Frank Alec – Blockader Profile

Frank Alec is a relativity new face to the blockaders scene, he is well known in both Wet’suwet’en and Lake Babine Indian bands. Frank Alec was born to a Wet’suwet’en woman who married a Lake Babine Indian and lived on the Lake Babine Reserve. We really sincerely believe that its extremely unlikely that his “Status Card” says he is Wet’suwet’en, having spent almost his entire life working with and for the Lake Babine Indian Band, we believe his Indian “Status Card” says he is Lake Babine Indian Band.

He has been hanging around with as the drummer for the chiefs for some time now.

Frank Alec, you claim to be a Wet’suwet’en Herditary Chief, please remove all doubt and show people your Status Card.

In fact it should be a standard rule that as part of your identification you must show this card. We are seeing far to much abuse by people who wish to belong to any band across Canada as a matter of convenience.

It’s really hard to believe both the government Canada and British Columbia  failed to verify that Alex is even Wet’suwet’en, in fact it would be reasonable to assume he is a man from the Lake Babine Indian Band claiming to own the title that was properly awarded to to Darlene Glaim after the death if former Chief Woos, Roy Morris died just over 10 years ago., and Darlene Glaim is very much alive. Imagine the conflict of interest when the Wet’suwet’en and  Lake Babine Indian Band have disputed overlapping territorial claims. Does the term conflict of interest enter the conversation?


It is only given after the Hereditary chief is dead, and it must be a person from the same house.



Now I need for you to observe the connections here, read how Warner Naziel with the help of his uncle Alphonse Gagnon who heads the Laksamshu – Medzeyex (Owl House) breaks the rules in assisting Warner who does not qualify to be a chief in the Sun House, see this explainer. Remembering that his wife Lucy Gagnon was as explained here, “Alphonse Gagnon’s wife works as Executive Director for Witset First Nation, Lucy Gagnon said the band is partnered with companies Kyah Resources to create jobs for the project. That is a contract between Kyah Resources and CGL that Lucy manages. The community received $1.5 million to sign onto the project and an additional $1.5 million after it started.

Now would it come as a surprise that Alphonse Gagnon with the help of Violet Gellenbeck was part of the initiative to take away the titles of 3 women, one of them to give his nephew Warner a title and land, and the other is that his wife was a member of the Gidimt’en Clan and the Executive Director for Witset First Nation at the same time. This was a way to control the outcomes of two more stolen titles. Not to forget something in this mix, there are many members of the Laksamshu – Medzeyex house that believe Alphonse was assigned to temporarily stand in for Barb Wilson the true title holder of that clan. So there you go one more woman ousted to have a man take over.  So much for their ongoing claims to honour and respect women.

Never forget these name or titles could have a monetary value into the multi millions of dollars, we are talking about some very serious dollar value attached to those blankets or titles.

its also hard to ignore the issue that Frank Alec was found guilty of beating up his wife. In 1999 he was charged and pled guilty to domestic assault, which he committed in 1998. Frank was sentenced to nine months of incarceration, but managed to avoid hard time by serving his punishment “in the community.” Alec’s trial and subsequent sentencing was not held in a traditional courtroom, but rather in a “sentencing circle.” Elders and community members ruled that Alec’s punishment for criminal assault against his young wife amounted to a simple curfew and 150 hours of community service over the course of three years.

I wish to point out this was part of his membership in the Lake Babine Indian Band so how did he transition into becoming Gidimt’en Clan and Wet’suwet’en? Again all fingers point to the Gagnon connection, it would give them a monopoly of controlling two clans as well as their house groups. Keep in mind also that Violet Gellenbeck is also from the Gidimt’en Clan, and played an integral role in stealing title from Gloria George the legitimate Smogelgem.

This brings us to another important issue, we have now seen two very serious criminal cases allowing offenders to escape sentencing by bypassing our normal criminal sentencing. We saw the same game played for John Ridsdale (Chief Namoks)   “A local Indigenous court led by elders had asked the outside courts to handle the matter because they considered it “too politically sensitive,” said defence lawyer Michael Murphey.” that resulted in ““Prosecutor Kristina King said the Crown might normally have asked for a jail term because the circumstances were “so serious,” but mitigating factors justified the three-year suspended sentence instead.”

Absolutely astounding how the privilege of skin colour and status allows privilege not afforded to all First Nations or for that matter to Canadians as a whole. This really stinks of corruption and is permitted in our legal system, worse our mainstream press seems to be too stupid to even pick up on these very obvious details.

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