Anarchist Stool Bus – We uncover the down and dirty

Anarchist Stool Bus – We uncover the down and dirty

Last Update: Jan 12th 2022

This is our new January edition of the Stool Bus awards. the previous one can be found here.  Anarchist Stool Bus – We uncover the down and dirty – Dec 2021.

Since our daily “War in the Woods” ended we have had numerous requests asking us to counter a lot of the outright lies being told by the radical activists. The problem is there are so many of them telling whoppers we could hardly justify our efforts until today, we decided to add some comedy at their expense. We will take a few of their wildest lies and add them to our collection as we go along. We will show you who won the Stool Masters Award and why they earned that prestigious position.


And the award goes too….. for being so full of…..

Added Jan 12th 2022

Today’s steaming stoolie award goes the fan club of Gidimt’en Checkpoint. Someone forgot to tell them that what they post in social media could get them arrested.

Look at the comments, and these are the fan club of honest decent citizens?

Then we have this one, I am sure as the day goes one we will have more brave keyboard warriors, wanting others to commit the crime they themselves are to gutless to commit.

Added Jan 10th 2022

Today’s steaming stoolie award goes the Kirby Muldoe a Gitxsan interfering in the affairs of the Wet’suwet’en Nation.

It’s hard to believe the gall of these anarchists who seem to think they have the right to promote one side of the division in the Wet’suwet’en family over the other.

More disgusting is that the famous Earl Muldoe by the name of Chief Delgamuukw gave consent on behalf of the Gitxsan Nation for TransCanada’s proposed Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project (PRGT). Chief Delgamuukw was in favor of having LNG projects on their land so what happened to this young radical?

What a way to commemorate his passing, he certainly is worthy of the steaming stoolie award.

SkeenaWild is anyone surprised?


Added Jan 8th 2022

Seems to be Molly’s camp got caught with some really bad intel, that sounding more like a bad drug trip than a real threat. It was bitter cold out there and these folks that were more acclimatized to Fairy Creek than to our fresh winter air decided enough is enough and booked flights out of here for the warmer climate down south. These eco-tourists were just not cut out to handle our normal winter weather I guess.

Hiding in the woods, they claim, seriously is that what you wish the funders of the GoFundMe a fortune are being sold?

So we have to hand out our steaming stoolie award to the Wickham sisters once again as they run Gidimt’en Checkpoint, and make the claim “this is our story and were sticking to it.”


And for any of you who don’t believe that this account is being run by Jennifer Wickham, her mother confirms it with her video showing a small RCMP aircraft at Smithers airport.

She posted this video live from Smithers Airport on January 7th 2022


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