BC Prosecution Service – Criminal Negligence?

BC Prosecution Service – Criminal Negligence?

From the start I said I am not a lawyer, or a legal expert, or even a schooled journalist, but I was also not born blind or stupid, I am just an elderly resident of the Bulkley Valley who completed a lifetime of labour and paying taxes, and am now watching what our government is doing to our people. I recall over the years watching incredible journalists breaking stores that would make your head spin, and made the primary subject of every dinner table across Canada, has Canada run out of investigative journalists?

This story should be as big as the SNC-Lavalin affair, a political scandal that involved political interference with the justice system by the Prime Minister of Canada.

Here is the story, have you ever heard of roughly 58 people being arrested by the RCMP at a cost of over 20 Million Dollars (according to the left wing rag the Tyee) all these highly trained and educated police officers doing what they are trained and paid to do. And have someone, who was it? Was it Horgan? Was it Nathan Cullen? Murray Rankin? Was it that David Eby who used to run the Civil Liberties association who is now the attorney general of British Columbia? That total was just for the hoodlums breaking the law south of Houston on the Morice River logging road, add to that the hooligans breaking the law in Hazelton where 14 more people were arrested, then another two more this year, so the combined total now is well over 70 arrests of persons intentionally breaking the law and causing harm to legitimate business.


70 legitimate arrests quashed by an NDP run BC Prosecution Service. Now that is a service even defence lawyers cannot compete with.


It may come as a shock if you were not paying attention, but someone is blocking the RCMP from having these criminals convicted, if these people had violated COVID regulations they would all have been found guilty and been fined and or served time, but because they were supporting a handful of so called Hereditary Chiefs the BC Prosecution Service suddenly says there was insufficient evidence to have them convicted, so charges were dropped.

Note: We intentionally said “so called Hereditary Chiefs” because most of them never established that they legitimately hold that title.


Its hard to rationalize why these radical protesters, anarchists and hooligans even need to have a defence lawyer when they have the BC Prosecution Service serving them with 100% zero conviction rate. 20 million in taxpayers money flushed down the toilet thanks to the BC Prosecution Service and somehow this does not rate as worthy of headline news?

Let me quote the Vancouver Sun “The B.C. Prosecution Service, which typically has the final say on who gets charged with criminal offences in the province, declined an invitation of the court to press charges. Crown prosecutors said they could not prove nine of the protesters were aware of the injunction when they were arrested. Three others, however, were captured on video having the injunction read to them.SERIOUSLY?

Call me what you may, but to me it appears that the BC Prosecution Service never ever had any intention of pressing charges, not even against one of the 70 people charged.

Where the hell are all the journalists today, here we have one of the most blatant cases of government interference with the law that the  B.C. Supreme Court was so embarrassed by the pure gall of this NDP Governments interference with the law that they were forced to take action, again I quote from the Vancouver Sun.

In a B.C. Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, Justice Ward Branch said the B.C. Prosecution Service is “not the sole arbiter of the public interest.”

“While the BCPS has expertise in assessing and pursuing criminal offences, the court undoubtedly has its own expertise in protecting the administration of justice and ensuring respect for the courts …” Branch ruled.

Never in Canadian history have I ever witnessed such blatant interference of our justice system by the very people paid to run it, other than the SNC-Lavalin affair. This is 100% on the heads of the BC NDP, what we really need is a criminal investigation into the decision making of the BC Prosecution Service to see if the BC NDP is involved with a conspiracy to manipulate the law. No wonder the anarchists were so angry about the ruling as it levels the playing field, the NDP made such a mess of things the courts were forced to allow victims to prosecute because the NDP refused to do their elected duty.

Its perfectly understandable now why the B.C. Supreme Court clearly saw this interference to block he B.C. Supreme Court’s ability to enforce court injunctions.

Then this…

Justice Branch agreed that the situation “is not ideal,” but when Crown counsel declined to press charges “the court is effectively left to ‘make the best out of a bad situation.’”

Branch noted that “judicial contempt power has existed for as long as courts themselves,” later ruling “that the long term repute of the administration of justice is imperilled by the mass public disobedience of a court order.”


Why do taxpayer even have a BC Prosecution Service if they work for the criminals?

Its time we all start asking a lot of hard questions to the elected representatives of our province demanding a right to have an independent investigation to find out what is going on with the BC Prosecution Service? What is the purpose of their existence if they work against our courts and justice systems.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to light , with all the MSM bought and paid for by the Trudeau lieberals , and now the provincial NDP government interference in a criminal matter , discraceful.

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