Despicable behaviour condoned by Gidimt’en tramps

Despicable behaviour condoned by Gidimt’en tramps

Note in the photo, they are here objecting to a natural gas pipeline but cannot live without bottled propane.

No that was not a typo, how can we possible consider this decent behaviour and still claim that Gidimt’en Clan is civilized, decent and ready to take is position within the Wet’suwet’en Nation?

As this next video was being promoted by the Gidimt’en tramps or also known as Gidimt’en Checkpoint it become difficult to believe that there is anything civilized about this group that openly admitted they have rape case issues in their camp, yet hate police so much they permit this behaviour to go unpunished. Its time to rename the camp of there to what it really represents, the Gidimt’en tramps. I most certainly should never be seen as a reflection on the legitimate Gidimt’en clan or family.

I will leave it to the readers to determine if this is civilized or unadulterated barbarian behaviour.
Decent people simply would ever use his kind of foo9tage as promotional material for more “GoFundMe”.


#DefundthePolice #RCMPoffTheYintah #AllOutForWedzinKwa

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